[RS]Support Resistance and Fracture

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Inverted slope of SR pivots to mark the fracture point of slope.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: added:
- optional step to increase period window.
- optional colors inputs.
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Looks good and i tried few trades using this indicator, and got mixed results,
I noticed a few reasons below, requested to update the same,
1, Lines are a very light color, give the option to change the color (Because i will use always black background)
2, Need breakout confirmation Trend slope, support & resistance give me some indication (Color or symbol)
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RicardoSantos GoldShravankumar
@GoldShravankumar, colors are optional now, i have no intention of implementing alerts at this time, thank you for feedback.
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Very interesting idea. Could you please add a styling option to change the color or the opacity of the slope?

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RicardoSantos RorschachT
@RorschachT, done, thank you for feedback.
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Very interesting
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Very unique way to view the structure of the price :p
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how soon do these lines appear or in other words are they lagging?
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Excellent ....thanks much
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!Hola! !Уважаемый сеньор! Мне очень нравится этот индикатор! Tu indicador es muy bueno. Encajó perfectamente en mi sistema. Lo veo en 3 pantallas: 1D - 4Н - 20M. El indicador muestra todos los niveles requeridos correctamente. Muchas gracias por tu trabajo.
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Thanks for sharing. How do we apply this script in price analysis?
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