Range Filter Buy and Sell 5min

Original Version credits to DonovanWall

Actual Version i just set alerts and change the parameters for BTCUSDC 5min Chart.


Wait For Barclose

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We need to have heiken ashi candles with this indicator right?
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Hello, I still cant backtest; I used the script posted by Cryptooyster and it gives me an error on starting on line 22 and then it goes on. I have been manually backtesting this strategy and so far it works very well with gbp/jpy 4hrs but it would be faster to do it with the strategy tester; specially on the lower time frames.
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I past your strategy code in a new Pine, but when I hit Add to graphic I have a message error:

raison: line 29: mismatched input 'wper' expecting 'end of line without line continuation'

I am a bit new, maybe I made something wrong
Any idea?
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@guikroth Here is ur code to backtest it

//Original Script > @DonovanWall

// Actual Version > @guikroth

// Settings for 5min chart, BTCUSDC. For Other coin, change the paremeters

strategy(title="Range Filter Buy and Sell 5min", overlay=true)

// Source

src = input(defval=close, title="Source")

// Sampling Period
// Settings for 5min chart, BTCUSDC. For Other coin, change the paremeters

per = input(defval=100, minval=1, title="Sampling Period")

// Range Multiplier

mult = input(defval=3.0, minval=0.1, title="Range Multiplier")

// Smooth Average Range

smoothrng(x, t, m)=>
wper = (t*2) - 1
avrng = ema(abs(x - x), t)
smoothrng = ema(avrng, wper)*m
smrng = smoothrng(src, per, mult)

// Range Filter

rngfilt(x, r)=>
rngfilt = x
rngfilt := x > nz(rngfilt) ? ((x - r) < nz(rngfilt) ? nz(rngfilt) : (x - r)) : ((x + r) > nz(rngfilt) ? nz(rngfilt) : (x + r))
filt = rngfilt(src, smrng)

// Filter Direction

upward = 0.0
upward := filt > filt ? nz(upward) + 1 : filt < filt ? 0 : nz(upward)
downward = 0.0
downward := filt < filt ? nz(downward) + 1 : filt > filt ? 0 : nz(downward)

// Target Bands

hband = filt + smrng
lband = filt - smrng

// Colors

filtcolor = upward > 0 ? lime : downward > 0 ? red : orange
barcolor = (src > filt) and (src > src) and (upward > 0) ? lime : (src > filt) and (src < src) and (upward > 0) ? green :
(src < filt) and (src < src) and (downward > 0) ? red : (src < filt) and (src > src) and (downward > 0) ? maroon : orange

filtplot = plot(filt, color=filtcolor, linewidth=3, title="Range Filter")

// Target

hbandplot = plot(hband, color=aqua, transp=100, title="High Target")
lbandplot = plot(lband, color=fuchsia, transp=100, title="Low Target")

// Fills

fill(hbandplot, filtplot, color=aqua, title="High Target Range")
fill(lbandplot, filtplot, color=fuchsia, title="Low Target Range")

// Bar Color


// Break Outs

longCond = na
shortCond = na
longCond := ((src > filt) and (src > src) and (upward > 0)) or ((src > filt) and (src < src) and (upward > 0))
shortCond := ((src < filt) and (src < src) and (downward > 0)) or ((src < filt) and (src > src) and (downward > 0))

CondIni = 0
CondIni := longCond ? 1 : shortCond ? -1 : CondIni

longCondition = longCond and CondIni == -1
if (longCondition)
strategy.entry("buy", strategy.long, comment="BUY")

shortCondition = shortCond and CondIni == 1
if (shortCondition)
strategy.entry("sell", strategy.short, comment="SELL")
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can you make it so we can backstest STRATEGY please?
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@guikroth Hello , Please introduce automated trading systems with Range filter, Thank you very much.
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Hello sir.
Can we use this also in 1Day timeframe? It is also accurate?

best regards
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@gjob83, yes, it works the same way
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Great indicator! Any idea how to automate trades in binance using this indicator?
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@Ameldur, Yes, but i don't recommend. I know two bots. ApexTrade and Zignaly
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