Indicators: KaseCD & Kase Peak Oscillator

I have included ports of 2 indicators from MT4 (not from the original commercial source). I couldn't cross check if these matched their commercial equivalents (you need to assume they don't!). If you own any of these in other platforms, appreciate if you could publish some comparison results here.

Kase Peak Oscillator is the difference between two trend measurements, one for rising markets and the other for falling markets. KCD is the PeakOsc minus its own average. So, KPO takes the place of a traditional oscillator and the KCD takes place of the traditional MACD .

Ms .Kase claims KCD is far more accurate than MACD .

More info:

Let me know if you have experience with the original indicators and are willing to help improve these clones. Thanks.
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// @author LazyBear
// If you use this code, in its original or modified form, appreciate if you could
// drop me a note. Thx. 
study(title="Kase Peak Oscillator [LazyBear]", shorttitle="KPO_LB")
length=input(30, title="Length")
ln=iff(pk[1]>=0 and pk>0,v1,iff(pk[1]<=0 and pk<0,v2,0))
plot(rbars, style=histogram, color=red)
plot(gbars, style=histogram, color=green)
plot(ln, color=yellow, linewidth=1)
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Bình luận

I see what he means by it being more accurate than the MACD. Thanks for posting this.
+3 Phản hồi
LazyBear grahvity
yw :)
+2 Phản hồi

study(title="Kcd", shorttitle="Kcd")
length=input(30, title="Length")

plot(rbars, style=histogram, color=red)
plot(gbars, style=histogram, color=blue)
+1 Phản hồi
Hey, LB

Thanks for the Indicators would you be able to share the Kase CD by any chance ?

Phản hồi
plz i cn't find KCD_LB in Indicators
Phản hồi
hello, the peak osc is missing
Phản hồi
hi do you know the name of this multi coloured macd I want to add it to my mt4
Phản hồi
Couple interesting ones here LB, not familiar with either, KCD seems to have nice divergence signals
Phản hồi
LazyBear TheLark
Yup, I have no experience with them either. Not even sure how close this is to the original one :)
Phản hồi
JunaNaelga LazyBear
@LazyBear, Helo.. I appreciate your work.. very good indicator.. can u share with me the script of KaseCD.. TQ
Phản hồi
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