POCs and VAHs VALs - All and Non-Broken

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The "POC and VAH VAL - All and Non-Broken"
POC = Points of Control
VAH = Value Area High
VAL = Value Area Low

This indicator aims to show you on the 5 minute time frame all POCs and VAHs/VALs and Non-Broken POCs and VAHs/VALs.
(Non-Broken are POCS and VAHs/VALS where price action has not since crossed its path)

In the screen image above I have used VPVR to back test on BYBIT:BTCUSDT.
The POCs and VAHs/VALs for each day can be seen.

Also there is an option to see non-broken POCS and VAHs/VALs within the settings.

All display options are selectable within the settings.

The indicator is not as precise as using the VPVR but is a lot quicker and gives you a quick snapshot to assist with your technical analysis .

In the screen shot above are some examples highlighted with yellow circles (resistance at POC and VAHs/VALs).

Thanks goes to:
ahancock for use of his code.
Bjorn Mistiaen on StackOverFlow for his assistance.

Indicator has been coded to only show on 5 min time frame (after back testing seemed most accurate).
Only back tested on BYBIT:BTCUST.
There are some slight discrepancies.
Back tested against VPVR settings: Row Size 500, Value Area 70.
Maximum of 500 lines will only be shown.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: User highlighted that only the unbroken POCs/VAHs/VALs below the current price were showing on the chart.

Script has now been updated to show the unbroken above and below current price.
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