DrungleOG's Auto Fibs PV

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I got tired of manually using the Fib retracement tool on pivots . This little guy automates it for me. Does not have all levels in this version, mostly just the ones I use. Can add all later if there's interest.


You can have two sets of Fibs, Inner and Outer. Use the outer for the larger runs and the inner for smaller. The Fib lines have a look back view window of 48 bars and the base/resistance lines have 168 (a week's worth of time on the 1h). The lookback window is based on the view (show_last param) not the pivot calculations.

Phát hành các Ghi chú: New update:

Restructured things a bit. Changed the names of items to make it easier to identify particular levels and plots.

Added a few other options in the menu mix. Color themes baby! Take your pick. I'm a particular fan of Watermelon.

Added individual transparency options.

I'm currently testing this as an automated strategy.

If you are unfamiliar with how to do so, just create an alert for crossing the Fib level you wish to initiate the trade/bot.

Until next time.

Phát hành các Ghi chú: Apparently, I mislabeled things - whoops! Should be accurate now. Sorry about that.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Minor typo update.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Fixed a few bugs. Changed the lookback period for shading to be 1 week. Changed the inner Fibs upper and lower pivots to orange by default.
Phát hành các Ghi chú: Updated plot text.
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Thanks DrungleOG, looks a great idea, off to try it now!!
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