Hi traders,

As I'm sure you're aware our bitcoin bot is walking the walk and offers a sustainable solution to making monet with bitcoin in any market, up or down. It has been dubbed by some of the testers as I quote "life changing", "a bargain" and I have even started a facebook group called the millenial revolution because that's how big this could get.


There is now an even more profitavle way to use the bot - same code but by setting it on the M15 Heiken Ashi timeframe and M3 timeframe on Japanese candlesticks and filtereing out in the trend of the M15 heiken ashi you can make upwards of 50% a day wit X5 leverage.

Not conviced, just look at the previous trades and do a bit of manual work.

There are 5 videos on my website explaining how to set the bot up now.

If you want more details about how to go from 10K to 1M in 4 weeks from now contact me for some private training in exchange for a profit fee for my algorithm and expertise.

Guys, lets' make millionaire bitcoin traders not millionaire bitcoin investors. Think smart and stay ahead of the game... Goldman Sachs are coming.

Best regards,

Ryan Grey

Grey Trading
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Can I get an access please?
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will this work with bitrex??? need alerts!!!
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