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scripts taken from

Nothing here is mine , just put it as I like the combination of those script together when I analyse data
so it make life easy to draw line automode

I suggest 4 hours or daily chart with MACD and RSI
Thanks to autors in scripts

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I love the indicator. He is fantastic. He saves so much time. And he makes the trend search easier.
I have a bug and wanted to ask if there is a solution for this:
The numbers disturb me at the end at the lines. You can dekativieren them at "Pine Labels". But with every chart layout (!) Change and every tradingview browser restart "Pine Labels" is reactivated and must be deactivated again. Can you help me?
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This indicator is decent however what does the blue middle trend line do.

Is it important like the pink and green that act as major support and resistance ?
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how to use not able to understand :((
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This is great!!! would you be interested in doing divergence alerts for v4?
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