Quansium Hub

What is Hub?

We previously released Beta, an artificial and smart backtester; together with Alpha, a new alert module that could sync with Beta; removing the need to double enter same inputs and opened the possibility for new algorithm features.

Hub pick up the work where Alpha and Beta left it and bring new things to the table. First, we want to experiment how both a backtester and alert scripts combined will work.

Why Hub?

It is compatible with all scripts. First, it tells you how your strategy performed in the past, and has built-in features to reduce overfitting. Then, once you are ready to take the strategy live, you can just create alerts without the need to add another script to the chart. Because the user doesn't need to re-enter the same settings used on two different scripts, the chances of errors are exponentially reduced and you can have a seamless interaction.

When releasing updates, only the specific module needs to be updated, so users will definitely see faster releases. Since we took a modular approach to development, this open the possibility of more innovating modules like an AI that handle multiple sources and act as a filter for signals based on multiple layers of classification.

How Hub works?

User can connect Quansium Sources (the module where the indicators are built, the main logic of a trading system: entries and exits) to Hub. Also, they can build their own Sources using Quansium Source Layout and link up to our framework and have access to all of our features.

No repainting, no double trades, no delay. Expect great results. Get great results.

Never lose more than what you are willing to do, or get less than your desired profit is. With our Risk Management features; we got you covered. Enjoy this great system. Join Quansium for access to live alerts and great support.

Special thanks to all our current members. We always feel motivated with your great support and feedback.

All of our systems are ready to use with third parties apps such as AutoView, GunBot, HaasOnline, JuBot, and many others that allow to turn TradingView alerts into Automated Trading Bots.
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Website: https://www.Quansium.com
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