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looking for a break... 54% btc dominance

BITMEX:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract
Every big pull back has been indicated to me by a bearish divergence on both macd and rsi . I will only trade into a reversal or a pull back or breakdown when we see a divergence on at minimum 4 hour time frame. Because we dont have that at this point i do believe we have another leg up. Also this is a bullish consolidation pattern which will most likely lead us higher. We could break down and a lot of times we will have a pretty big shake out or "breakdown' right before the next leg up so I do believe you can enter this trade lower than this 5310 level. I would love to get an entry at the .38 level around 5140 level. I did start scaling into this trade with probably a 5% entry of the total trade i plan on putting on. If we do push up another leg i believe it will also lead to a bearish divergence on both momentum indicators below and I will look to open a short at that point.
I will say after this level has worked out to the upside or down side I believe we will have a pretty big market correction coming into the forks. Every time btc dominance continues higher and alts start to sell off we end up for a further pull back in the coming weeks. The last two all time highs in btc on June 11 and sept 1 happened very similar with alts beginning to sell off, btc dominance rising and a bearish divergence leading us to a market pullback. I know a lot of ppl think the alts will rise once btc stops going up but now that everyone for the most part has the majority of there money in btc once it starts selling off ppl go to cash or tether. Going to a trading pair against btc which btc is pulling back 1-2k doesnt appeal to smart investors or traders so i think there are very few pairs that wont sell off once btc does.
Giao dịch được đóng thủ công: I do see our momentum indicators on the one hour and 4 hour starting to show bearish divergences. I closed scaling in as the price started to gain momentum to the upside above 5420 and begain scling out at 5460s. wasn't a big win but I didn't want to let a winning trade turn into a losing trade. It did pull back to where I would have been in the negative so glad I did close. Now just watching to see what happens next. I do see big volatility coming so I would be prepared for some really good movement in alts and btc!
If you don't have bitcoin and need a place to purchase coinbase is probably the easiest way to do that for US citizens. If you use this code we both get $5 of free btc once you buy $100 not much but if you going to buy anyways I just look at this as a way to cover the fees because with a credit card you will pay about $5 on $100 so figured I would add this to the description as well. Also if you looking for a way to buy btc fee free I know a way it isn't instant and you will have to wait about a week to get the btc but if you like the price and don't need it right away shoot me a message and i can explain how to get btc, ltc or eth fee free through coinbase.
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Looking for a group of people or even a few people to go on a journey with me.
I recently became a full time trader in crypto and don't have much in network or social exposure to not only talk with on a day to day basis but also to help teach each other.
I didn't really expect to be a full time trader at this point but in my opinion and my situation it was now or never.
Recently lost my job and was trading crypto very seriously since April. I spent approx. 40-80 hours a week learning, reading and analyzing charts.
I wanted to have a larger account and be more financially stable before taking this kind of pressure on but i also know that sometimes you got to just go for it!
I had two choices to either continue to look for a new job and eventually get one and go back to part time trading which is much harder because when your not available
you miss a lot of what is going on as well as you tend to chase or get emotionally upset because your right but because of timing your wrong.
So i took the step and am fully committed to trading full time.
I also wanna find another market to trade because in the long run this market wont always be this good and if I'm doing this for income I always have to be a step ahead.

A few things I've learned about trading so far.

Timing is far more important than being right.
Good entries and exits can be far more profitable than just being on the right side of a trade.
your opinion doesn't matter but you also have to use common sense when it comes to making decisions.
Majority of times you have to go against what everyone else is doing and everywhere you look for help is gonna say your wrong.
A plan is far more important than making money.
A strategy is very important!

If you would like to link up or connect looking to start a telegram group, Facebook group or whatever work for the majority to be able to connect help each other and learn.
Even simple feed back on charts helps me and lets me know there are people out there like me.

Thanks again

AJ Smith

Donations always greatly appreciated and really help me as I take this journey as a full time trader.
Always willing to help anyone with any trading ideas or ?s.
I don't expect anything so don't feel I need something from you in order for up to talk or for me to help in anyway i can!!!
I learn a lot from just helping others! :)

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