Enhanced Reversal Detection

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Script Description:

The "Enhanced Reversal Detection" indicator is a powerful tool designed to identify potential market reversals across various financial instruments. It incorporates a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes price action along with key technical indicators such as the Relative Strength Index (RSI), Bollinger Bands, and Moving Average (MA).

How to Use:

Adjustable Parameters: The indicator offers a range of adjustable parameters to cater to different trading preferences and market conditions.

RSI Length: Adjusts the length of the RSI calculation to fine-tune sensitivity.
Overbought Level: Sets the threshold for identifying overbought conditions on the RSI scale.
Oversold Level: Sets the threshold for identifying oversold conditions on the RSI scale.
Bollinger Bands Length: Determines the length of the Bollinger Bands calculation.
Bollinger Bands Multiplier: Adjusts the standard deviation multiplier for the Bollinger Bands, influencing band width.
Moving Average Length: Defines the length of the Moving Average calculation to capture trend direction.
Min Bars Between Signals: Sets the minimum number of bars required between consecutive reversal signals.
ADX Length: Adjusts the length of the Average Directional Index (ADX) calculation.
ADX Threshold: Defines the threshold value for ADX, serving as a filter for reversal signals.
Signal Generation: The indicator generates signals for both bullish and bearish reversals based on predefined criteria. A bullish reversal signal is triggered when the closing price exceeds the lower Bollinger Band and RSI falls below the oversold threshold. Conversely, a bearish reversal signal occurs when the closing price falls below the upper Bollinger Band and RSI surpasses the overbought threshold.

Alerts: Traders can opt to receive alerts for bullish and bearish reversal signals, enabling them to stay informed of potential trading opportunities even when away from the platform.

Publication Readiness:

To ensure readiness for publication in the TradingView public library, the script has been meticulously crafted and documented:

The code is extensively commented to provide clear explanations of parameters, calculations, and signal generation logic.
Best coding practices have been followed to enhance readability and maintainability.
Rigorous testing has been conducted to validate the accuracy and reliability of signal generation across various market conditions.
The script adheres to TradingView's guidelines and policies for script publication, ensuring compliance with platform standards and user expectations.
With its comprehensive features and user-friendly design, the "Enhanced Reversal Detection" indicator is poised to become a valuable asset for traders seeking to identify high-probability reversal opportunities in the financial markets.
Phát hành các Ghi chú:
Enhanced Reversal Detection Indicator

This script is designed to detect potential reversal points in the price action of an asset. It combines multiple technical indicators, including Relative Strength Index (RSI), Bollinger Bands (BB), Moving Average (MA), and the Average Directional Index (ADX), to identify potential reversal zones.


RSI Length: Specifies the length of the RSI indicator.
Overbought Level: Defines the overbought threshold for the RSI.
Oversold Level: Specifies the oversold threshold for the RSI.
Bollinger Bands Length: Determines the length of the Bollinger Bands.
Bollinger Bands Multiplier: Multiplier factor for the Bollinger Bands.
Moving Average Length: Length of the Moving Average.
Min Bars Between Signals: Minimum number of bars between consecutive signals.
ADX Length: Length of the Average Directional Index.
ADX Threshold: Threshold value for the ADX indicator.

RSI: Calculates the Relative Strength Index based on the specified length.
Bollinger Bands: Computes the upper, middle, and lower bands based on the close price, Bollinger Bands length, and multiplier.
Moving Average: Computes the Simple Moving Average based on the specified length.
ADX: Calculates the Average Directional Index using the True Range (TR), Plus Directional Movement (+DM), and Minus Directional Movement (-DM) indicators.
Reversal Conditions:

Bullish Reversal: Indicates a potential bullish reversal when the close price is above the lower Bollinger Band, RSI is below the oversold level, and ADX is above the threshold.
Bearish Reversal: Indicates a potential bearish reversal when the close price is below the upper Bollinger Band, RSI is above the overbought level, and ADX is above the threshold.
Signal Generation:

Signals are generated based on the reversal conditions, with a minimum number of bars between consecutive signals to avoid frequent signals in volatile markets.

Bullish and bearish reversal signals are plotted on the chart as arrow icons above or below the bars.
Bollinger Bands and Moving Average are displayed on the chart for reference.
Debugging plots are included to visualize the ADX filter and reversal conditions.

Alerts are triggered when a bullish or bearish reversal signal is generated, indicating potential reversal points.

The script is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, allowing users to use, share, and adapt the script with appropriate attribution.

The recent fix ensures that the last two inputs, adxLength and adxThreshold, affect the signal generation by incorporating them into the reversal conditions.
This script provides traders with a versatile tool for identifying potential reversal zones, combining multiple technical indicators to enhance the accuracy of reversal signals.
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