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TRN ZigZag Pro is an indicator which identifies, and highlights pivot points (swings) and prints useful information about the swings in the chart (e.g. length, duration, ...). The indicator uses an extremely precise swing algorithm to detect the most important pivot points. Compared to other swing or zig-zag indicators TRN ZigZag Pro works in real-time, does not need a look-a-head to find swings and is not repainting. Moreover, equal (double) highs and lows are detected and displayed. The TRN ZigZag Pro helps traders to visualize pure price action and supports the trader to identify key turning points or trends.

The indicator comes with the following features:

  1. Precise real-time swing detection without repainting
  2. Equal/double high and low detection
  3. Displaying of swing labels, values and information
  4. Customizable settings as well as look and feel

It's important to note that the TRN ZigZag Pro is a visual tool and does not provide specific buy or sell signals. It serves as a guide for traders to analyze market structure in depth and make well-informed trading decisions based on their trading strategy and additional technical analysis.

Getting an edge with the TRN ZigZag Pro

The indicator clearly displays up trends, defined as a sequence of higher highs (HH) and higher lows (HL), with green labels and down trends, defined as a sequence of lower lows (LL) and lower highs (LH), with red labels. Equal highs/double tops (DT) and equal lows/ double bottoms (DB) are highlighted in gold.

In addition, the labels show a full stack of valuable information about the swings to maximize your accuracy.

  1. Length
  2. Length percentage in relation to the last swing length
  3. Duration
  4. Label (e.g. HH, LL...)

Use cases for swing detection

  • Trend Identification
    By connecting the swing highs and lows, traders can identify and analyze the prevailing trend in the market. An uptrend is characterized by higher swing highs and lows, while a downtrend is characterized by lower highs and lower lows. The indicator helps traders visually to assess the strength and continuity of the trend.

  • Support And Resistance Levels
    The swing highs and lows can act as support and resistance levels. Swing highs may act as resistance levels where selling pressure increases, while swing lows may act as support levels where buying pressure increases. Traders often pay attention to these levels as potential areas for trade entries, exits, or placing stop-loss orders.

  • Pattern Recognition
    The swings identified by the indicator can help traders recognize chart patterns, such as equal high/lows, consolidations, wedges, triangles or more complex patterns like Gartley or Head and Shoulders. These patterns can provide insights into potential trend continuation or reversal.

  • Trade Entry and Exit
    Traders may use TRN ZigZag Pro to determine potential trade entry and exit points. For example, in an uptrend, traders may look for opportunities to enter long positions near swing lows or on pullbacks to support levels. Conversely, in a downtrend, traders may consider short positions near swing highs or on retracements to resistance levels.


While signals from TRN ZigZag Pro can be informative, it is important to recognize that their reliability may vary. Various external factors can impact market prices, and it is essential to consider your risk tolerance and investment goals when executing trades.

Risk Disclaimer

The content, tools, scripts, articles, and educational resources offered by TRN Trading are intended solely for informational and educational purposes. Remember, past performance does not ensure future outcomes.

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