The APPL of my bearish eye

I don't often look at stocks, but last week I saw the news that Apple             had missed sales targets for its smartphone and delivered disappointing revenue projections.

So I checked the chart, and it doesn't look good for the next year if you are long APPL             .

Here's the chart I quickly drew up last week:

Once we break the daily 200MA, I believe it will drop very quickly to around $150USD.

The larger short target is the weekly 200MA, at around $138USD, which has proved to be strong support for the past several corrections.
Bình luận: As suspected, we had a pullback on the daily due to it being oversold, but it wasn't sustained:

I expect momentum to build once we close below the weekly 50MA, which should happen by the end of this week:
actually a good price right now to get a position ( SMA200). $APPLE is not CRYPTO so it won't be going lower than that.
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crimsonr PRO rothcom65
@rothcom65, Thanks for the comment.

It has the potential for a scalp since the RSI is oversold and it should bounce from the daily 200MA, as I've indicated. But I don't believe it will be sustained; you only have to look at APPL historically to see what happens once it dips below the 20EMA on the weekly.

TA applies equally to crypto, stocks and commodities; the timeframes are shorter in crypto and there's more volatility due to the size of the market. Other than's still supply and demand based on sentiment.
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rothcom65 crimsonr
@crimsonr, well said. Thanks or the TA.

I bought in at $173 and $168...still holding strong with Apple so my view could be bias.
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crimsonr PRO rothcom65
@rothcom65, I only trade on TA. FA clouds my judgement. So even if I like a company or a product, or I hear certain news, I will not trade on it. It becomes too emotional.
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@crimsonr, correction; I TRY not to trade on emotions...haha
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