ADA / BTC - What's happening

BITTREX:ADABTC   Cardano / Bitcoin
** I stated "bull" in this video on the 4hr chart and meant "bear" **

Overall still holding on ADA . The markets have been crazy but ADAs been holding between 4000-5000 satoshi, so even though USD has been way up and down the satoshi is maintained. That is due to BTC falling off the cliff for a moment. ADA I'm waiting to see what it does. Right now to me it has some bear tendencies but waiting to see where it breaks out on the Day and 4hr charts. I"m thinking over the next day or two we should know.

D - 36 day providing support with a spike or two to 200 MA
4hr - We have a 36 cross under the 200 day ( bearish ), Price action under the 36 & 200 day MAs ( bearish )
3hr - 1hr - similar as above

Patiences is key now.
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Little update on ADA

- 4hr chart broke down towards the downside from yesterday's video, yesterday we were seeing from bull candles form but we can now see price action (the prior candle) closed pretty much spot on the trendline and a new candle trying to decide direction.

If the next one or two candles on the 4hr close below trendline look for next down target around 4000 satoshis. Then the two green boxes are back on for adding to stacks.
Bình luận:

Guess what happened?? Looks like we got a break below and close below our trendline. Are we going to 4000 or below? (3825 is next support)

Looking at 4hr down to 15mins is bearish all the way. The move averages are all crossed to the downside with price action leading the way with good separation.

Looking back left I don't see any support anywhere until around 3852. Buy more??
do you know what happens after it down more? (from 3852?)
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Thank you for a really comprehensive TA! I love your videos, please keep them up, they’re great!

I’ve been hanging on to ADA since mid Nov. So I’m going to keep hanging. Although was tempted to seek and go into NEO.

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tripjscrypto espenespen
@espenespen, I'm on NEO also. Overall I'm as long as you can be on Crypto as I believe in the technology behind it and as the market matures I'll be looking to move my investments into those coins that have a future. I'm talking 3, 5, + years out.

I think you want to focus on those coins well established already, BTC, LTC, ETH, the core coins. There are new ones every day and most are going to zero overtime. My personal thought is "core" or 'infrastructure" based cryptos. The cryptos other coins / alts will be built on top of.
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tripjscrypto tripjscrypto
@tripjscrypto, ADA is one :)
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ADA is one of my HODL's.
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