ADA/BTC Showing Hoddle Signs 1,000% + ROI

BITTREX:ADABTC   Ada / Bitcoin
Hello, Trading View,

Okay we are looking at one of the best hoddle coins of 2018. Because the road map just came out less than a year ago. And as you can tell, this coin is ahead of its time.

If you guys don't already know what side chaining is. It is the best way to reward miners, 3,4, or 5 transactions later. Which you need ADA             to do. Sense this is a proof of stake mining coin. You need allot to do that. So once they allow people to mine this coin. I strongly recommend you are ready with the coins you need to mine it too.

Plus there is an ADA             debit card coming out soon. And all these decentralized apps which are going to compete with neo, ethereum             , and ripple. It's far ahead of its time. So you are going to have to wait for a few years. Buying 3 for $1 is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Especially when every single previous dApp platform will be out dated when this project is completed. In my opinion that is guaranteeing at least a $10 per coin price point.

This is a high supply coin. So you know it won't be as valuable as say bitcoin             . That's why you need to buy in early to get a decent return out of it. The supply is simply to high to buy in late and expect a high return.



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When do you expect a breakout?
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StopLoss123 MrNarmerk
@MrNarmerk, That won't be for quite a while. It's a hoddle coin because you don't know when the project will be completed. You just know it will be. And you have to keep checking the news feed for updates. So if you don't buy now. And buy in when you see the news feed. It will be to late. Be sure to check out the road map for updates from the dev team on when that breakout date might be exactly.
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could you please tell me what is your T/A for ada in short term ie as a coin to trade it not to invest it why it began to fall again after it began to go up
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@emyslm, The reason why is because of the media. Once the project was announced. The hype is what made the coin go so high. Now that it's old news, the price reacted to its true value. There are no DAPS on this coin. And sense it is a fixed price coin, the supply is staying the same. Basically everybody who is buying this coin is just hoddling with it until the projects near completion. And as you can see, this is going to outdate ethereum.
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StopLoss123 StopLoss123
@StopLoss123, excuse me there was a typo in my reply. And I can't edit my post. It should have said: it is a fixed supply coin, and sense the supply remains the same. Because nobody can mine it yet. The demand is what is determining the price. The demand right now is just guys like me, waiting for the project to be completed. You can't do anything else with it at the moment because it is so far ahead of its time.
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When ADA is stake-able, we will see the price fly through the roof just like you're saying.
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StopLoss123 madeinnewyork87
@madeinnewyork87, Yeah, I hope you have invested in a good mining PC. I have been saving these coins for that day. Once to many people start mining. You can actually vote on who gets the block reward if they get to big. And your vote is based upon your stake. So naturally you are going to want to influence the situation as much as possible with your coins.
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