I am basing my speculations for this stock purely off my TA. ADAP is showing many indication that the stock is a good pick when Investing long (3 months to 1 year). However i don't think today is the best day to get on the train. I believe that ADAP is slightly overbought at the moment and in the short term, it will correct in price. There will be an opportunity to buy in the next few days.

When ADAP was listed on the NASDAQ in late 2015 the stock price dropped to from 20$ to about 4$, loosing 4/5 of its value. From 2017 to the present, ADAP is growing at a steady pace and following a steady trend line up. The crash of ADAP from 2015-16 indicates that this stock has the potential to grow to its previous highs and maybe even then some. If you plan on making a long term position in ADAP, I think buying in the next couple days could put you in a good position. One pattern I recognized on the chart was an inverse triple bottom. Although this is usually a bearish indicator, because the neckline of the Triple bottom is not horizontal, I believe that this indicates a slight correction down to about 10-8$ a share and nothing more. There is too much built up support for ADAP to fall past 8$, and this is why I think 8-10$ is the ideal price to get in on.

I hope found found my analysis helpful, please let me know what you think!


Colm :)
thank you
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nice setup
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CryptoColm TradingStatistics
@TradingStatistics, definetley, i only watch biotech tho.
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