BITTREX:ADTBTC   adToken / Bitcoin
ADTBTC             has confirmed to the market that it is in an upward trend, and I'm going to show why.


Ken Olsen, creator of the COLOSSAL Digital Equipment Corporation, once said "There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home." The once $14.6 BILLION dollar company was sold for 66% of that to Compaq. Reason they failed? ARE YOU BLIND? Did you not just READ THAT QUOTE?

DEC had a 40-year run and they crushed it in the tech space. But even after 40 years, they failed. And then Compaq, who bought them, failed and was sold to HP             . The moral of the story?

People will always fail. Numbers will not.
Trade. Technicals.

Jack Schwager (you know he makes money with a name like that), Technical Analysis-GURU and CEO             of Wizard Trading, stated in his book that the most important part of an oscillating indicator (like the STOCH one on our chart above) is consistent boundaries.

ADTBTC's Stoch indicator shows beautiful consistency with a lower boundary (the BUY zone) of -1 to 13, and an upper boundary (the SELL zone) of 88 to 97. Recently, ADT             plunged from 89 to 13.5 and is looking to rebound upward again.

Now we look at the pretty shapes on our chart. I drew shapes instead of lines, because I know you're still shaking off the 30 beers you had last night while praying to every god you could think of that the market would rebound. Drinking and praying, sounds like a horrible idea. But it worked - so thanks.

ADTBTC             has confirmed an upward trend, starting in mid-December. History shows that when ADTBTC             reaches ~2100+ levels, a lot of people take profits. It also shows, that when ADTBTC             reaches ~900+ levels, a lot of people buy. This was true when it started out, but it was trading in a sideways channel. Now we are trading in an upward purple rhombus-channel (very complex to understand, don't hurt yourself) with higher-highs and lower-lows. Take a breath, read this part again. I'll hodl you.

I don't know what's going to happen when the bottom line of the channel gets to the "Sell/Careful Zone", but for now this is an easy buy.

Stay in the shape. And stay in your lane you drunkard.


Disclaimer: These shapes work 100% of the time 50% of the time.

Giao dịch bắt đầu:

Cruisin' down the street in my 6 - 4. ADTBTC is shutting out the noise and cruising through the dip within the uptrend channel. MACD is turning up, RSI has a mountain of room to grow. We are also above the 50D MA and therefore within buy range up to 1200.

Feel free to wait a day to confirm the trend, but keep an eye on this coin incase it rockets.
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