LOL, my chart said it was gonna hit 1500 (was close) flipped one weekly put contract for $4k profit in 20 minutes. If I could do that every day, I'd quit my day job. Should've got 2 of 'em, lol.

Thanks for the ideas, daytrading AMZN puts been making me money. Your timing was a little off but all of the stocks you expected to drop are now tanking.
Phản hồi
Whats your thoughts on AMZN touching 1450 then down trending?
Phản hồi
nobullshytrader0 GrandMasterTwitch
@GrandMasterTwitch, i'd short at will at this point into earnings bro, there'z minimal risk now, make sure ur in the MARCH PUTS
Phản hồi
hungry_hippo nobullshytrader0
@nobullshytrader0, yeah, she finally looks done. I think you could've shorted just about any stock overnight to make money. NASDAQ futures already at today's low.

Retailers finally tanking too (bought TSCO puts yesterday). Bought a few NKE puts out of spite, it's time for the other shoe to drop, lol.

Nice call on FB, I decided to stay away from FAANG stocks. I bought OSTK puts instead. I have no idea how they're going to do the accounting for their Bitcoin holdings (they're keeping 50% of all transactions), but it's gonna be hilarious.
Phản hồi
hungry_hippo hungry_hippo
LOL at myself, 50 point jump in NASDAQ futures, FB and AMZN now up after hours. Now I remember why I stay away from FANG stocks except daytrading.
Phản hồi
nobullshytrader0 hungry_hippo
@hungry_hippo, dumped my weekly 1450s for massive payday
Phản hồi
hungry_hippo nobullshytrader0
@nobullshytrader0, I daytraded it and made a little money. Dumped too early, didn't expect the massive end of day tank. Up afterhours and AMZN trades on price/sale ratio instead of P/E ratio like a normal stock. Revenues up 42%, they'll justify the stock price, don't see much downside.

Dumped my NKE weekly and TSCO on open. Tomorrow will probably suck though. Should've dumped everything at 3;30. OSTK held it's own despite BTC tanking.
Phản hồi
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