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APTO is a highly speculative stock. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! This stock is kind of unusual. It has experience chronic price declines for a very long time. Over the past six months a remarkable change in the indicators has been achieved. OBV has surged and so has stoch RSI . The MACD has not. This is to be expected. The MACD is a lagging, but confirming indicator. Why? It tracks momentum. price would have to drastically breakout and in a sustained fashion for the MACD to change direction.

Also, note the price formation. On the daily chart you can see a rectangle bottom that breaks the recent downtrend. Further on the right side of the chart you can see price begin to rise ever so slightly. This is a sign that price is beginning to respond to a tightening of supply and demand .

I have set the entry point slightly above the most recent high because I want to see this stock continue to demonstrate the ability to generate new highs. I set the stop at a level that I believe price would violate an uptrend line. I set my target as the highest high on the chart. However, it the stock goes beyond that high, I will stay with it.

Again, please exercise caution with stocks like this.

all indicators pointing up. Price trying to breakout of down trend with a flat bottom base and stair stepping up.

Notice the surge in the OBV and Stoch RSI and yet price and MACD are flat. This is unusual.
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