AST/BTC Elliot Impulse Wave - On the way to wave 3?

BINANCE:ASTBTC   AirSwap / Bitcoin
DISCLAIMER : I am asking - not telling.

I have been doing my best to learn TA in the crypto currency market. I realize that for the most part there is a lot of market psychology and speculation that drives the prices of crypto, but I have always been fascinated with Fibonacci, and now Elliot Waves!

I drew the first 5 waves up to the peak of AirSwap, as well as the bottom of the correction. I believe the first wave has already came and went, and I expect the bottom of wave 2 has already been reached. With this in mind, would it be reasonable to suspect we are on the way to wave 3?

This is my very first Technical Analysis that I have actually put money into, and I would like to see where it goes. I didn't get the perfect bottom of wave 2, which looked to be around 7800 Satoshis. My purchase price was around 8600 sats             .

If you are an analyst or just love charts, please give me your thoughts!
Bình luận: Hit the target sell zone at the 1:1 Extension at 12647 sats! We even ventured into the 618 territory, but I am happy with the 1:1 extension. Due to the recent price dip (near crash) in BTC, wave 4 reached wave 1 territory (once the price hit below 11k satoshis, it confirmed a failed wave and the beginning of a downtrend), so this will continue into an extended correction.
Hey, I have just come around to learning about Fib and EW and appreciate your real life example, going to have some fun with this. I would've responded yesterday but AST was popping :)
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@Ryk_Ramen, Hey, thank you so much man!! I appreciate it. It looks like a few days after I made it we went all the way to the 618 extension, which I was very happy to see! :) But now with Bitcoin in a bust there's not much hope for most of the Alts :(
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