Basic Attention Token (BAT) Solid Upwards Trend [Neutral]

BITTREX:BATBTC   Basic Attention Token / Bitcoin
I think if you are already in BAT then you should HODL, but it seems to be a bit late for a buy in at the moment.
Thanks for the TA. Can you please explain what does HODL mean?
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madnight bitkitx
@bitkitx, Sure see here for list of common words in the crypto world:
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bitkitx madnight
@madnight, oh yeah, HODL = HOLD, that's why I could not find that word in dicts )) Thanks!
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mcnige bitkitx
@bitkitx, Crypto speak for HOLD the coin long term.
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bitkitx mcnige
@mcnige, thanks!
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