BITTREX:BATBTC   Basic Attention Token / Bitcoin
Veterans arent panicking. We all know what to do. We weigh our probabilities and go for the next target. In order to win in this game, you have to learn how to be a survivor. The only way to survive is if you can think for yourself. If you have a strategy that works for you, continue using it. But if you find yourself reacting to the market and getting emotional every time there is a little tick up and down. You are not ready for this game. What you need to do is work on your foundation and principle. You need a reason why you are in this market, whether it is to make money, advance technology, help humanity, etc. You have to be honest with yourself. That's the only way you can survive.

Back to the chart. Basic Attention Token. You already know I have been bullish on this project for awhile now. It is one of the slow grower due to its circulating supply, but it is a steady grower, which is healthy. As we look at this, we can clearly see a perfect cup and handle . You might get an opportunity to buy a double bottom , or you can buy at current price. I expect market to recover much quicker than people anticipate. There are two scenarios that can happen. Bitcoin             climbs and alt coins stay where they're at or decline. Bitcoin             climbs and alts climb with it, until Bitcoin             makes new ATH             . I am moreso with the latter as looking at most alts, they're at a great price to buy. Therefore many people will buy them back to their original price. But we will see. What are your thoughts?

Trade with care.

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