Next trading cycle for Bitcoin Cash in the beginning.

BITTREX:BCCUSDT   Bitcoin Cash / Tether
Admittedly, a currency with such a short history long term TA is a bit out of the blue because there is not much data to build on. This theory focuses on very rough price development with regard to the trade cycle for the next six months.

Fundamentally you see that behind the scenes hard work is being done on business support and platform support and more and more consumer solutions become available. My expectation is that this trend will continue and eventually adoption and thus price will increase.

Probably that there will be deviations under the influence of fluctuations in the entire crypto market, but to me this seems a likely scenario.
Bình luận: As the market made a big plunge in the red we have arrived in the buy zone.
The overall market sentiment is really shaken up by this drop (even stock market has gone down) it might take some time before we can see recovery as there still is a lot of fear. I wouldn't buy back in until we see the "Three White Soldiers".
If the price falls through the bottom of the buy box, it may be time to step out of the crypto market as a whole, no idea how low it can go.
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