Bitcoin Cash - #3 in Market Cap and Volume for a Reason

BITFINEX:BCHUSD   Bitcoin Cash / Dollar
In light of recent TradingView censorship, the majority of this post will be on my Yours (in my signature). The post is more verbose and has some images that I can't post here anyways.

There will also be an optional trade structure/plan for those interested, as we do have ourselves an opportunity for a long trade.

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Bình luận: Update to the Yours trade. If you were following along, you're already sitting in profit.

As always, happy and safe trading.
Bình luận: New update on Yours about what this small divergence could mean, plus possible revised targets...

Bình luận: New update on Yours. Not much to report, but we do see bullish signals on other indicators as well.

Trade is still normal. Markets are just low volume and indecisive.
Bình luận: New update on Yours. Guess who got more pump and pump juice?

Price action looks good for Bitcoin Cash none the less. Trade still in profit and on target.
Bình luận: Update on Yours for readers. Good morning!


We sit at at weird spot with Legacy price action, new Tethers released, and a market very prone to fake outs and shake outs.

It is difficult to trade, but I'll let you make your decision for how to handle it from the ideas in my update.
Bình luận: An unexpected breakout! Looks strong. Update on Yours for those reading.

A new trading opportunity has presented itself.
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I have been thinking... could the upcoming forks be a stage in Operation DS? I mean, come on man, I count maybe 5 or 6 in the next two months. Forks may not be legit or won't even be executed, but will spread confusion and doubts in Legacy for sure. With mass adoption just getting started people may look into Bitcoin first and find 8 or 10 different Bitcoins to choose from and what the hell choose the lesser expensive ones for short term price action only and not looking into fundamentals at first. Might be one of the steps in the slaying... wide spread confusion.
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@scheltensroy, The shitcoin forks are actually planted by Blockstream Dragon's Den to distract people from Bitcoin Cash, make people feel bad towards forks, and start thinking they're shitcoin "free money".

It is what it is.
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scheltensroy RiversAndMountains
@RiversAndMountains, I look at it the other way around then. New forks confirm the succes of the earlier Bitcoin Cash fork and the shortcome of Legacy as forks would normally be an improved version :-)
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@scheltensroy, You're right. History will come to show why shitcoin forks don't work and why miner support and community adoption is such a big deal.

In the meantime they distract people from the truth though.
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Have you heard of Possible bch futures to be offered on cboe,
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@Ginossim, Yes. That is legit, and a major thing. I'm going to talk about it next time I post.
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Here we GO!!!! Luigi TIME!
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It was expected if you also watched the btc/Bch pair. It was near a major support zone
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@ecicic, Yes, it's a common pattern, but market makers have kept ratio tight while sentiment is increasingly bearish on BCH while increasingly bullish on BTC Everyone lives under the shadow of Tether.

Frankly, I do not believe that pattern is sufficient basis to expect a 15% breakout on ratio.
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Been following your analysis for quite some time. Much appreciated. I'm a fan of the TD 9 indicator - with BTC, we're currently on a TD 9 sell (weekly, month) and tomorrow a TD 9 sell for the daily. I'm pretty sure we're going begin correction tomorrow.

My thoughts are the entire market will correct along side BTC. I'm suspecting *narrative* that next week we'll see BCH rally up (narrative = bitstamp listing/difficult adjustment etc).

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