Drop ahead? Thoughts?

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Hey everyone. I was curious if anyone noticed the pattern we are currently in from 2/3 - 2/9, looks like the pattern from 1/15 - 1/20? Over a 5-6 day period, there was a major drop over 2 days then rebound over 2-3 days from 1/15 - 1/20. However, it dropped even further 1/21. Think this could happen tomorrow? Be careful with buying. I'm a newb btw. I'm not a professional.
There will be another dip when it will revisit the last low around 6000, question is only when and if it will be the last dip, some predict in a few days, others around 16th of Feb or a little earlier or even 1st of March, we shall see :D

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can all you beggars stop wishing for BTC to drop. you had your chance at 6k.
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night45 pisces38
@pisces38, I'm not wishing for it to drop at all. I want it to go up
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katyusha pisces38
@pisces38, 9000, 6000, or even 3000 are not exactly "beggar's prices" ;)
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pisces38 katyusha
@katyusha, well you should look at the market cap honestly NOT the price. bitcoin having a 145 billion USD valuation is small compared to AAPL which has nearly an 800 billion dollar valuation. granted that bitcoin was the first blockchain that remains to be proven secure,immutable and has sparked a revolutionary technology should easily be valued higher than a computer and cellphone manufacturer. EASILY.

with that being said. yes 6000 is a beggar price. and if the markets do in fact drop that low again its because of the irrationality of these markets and simply because people who don't understand the technology.
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