Facing Reality. Bitcoin's long-term, seasonal sine wave.

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Something in the chart has been signaling that BTC is going down in spite of the hype. It seemed reasonable that it might bounce back, at least to 9K. Now the outlook doesn't even look that good. On the one hand, it would be nice for the promoters to exit on a bounce. To go short from higher up. But there is no need to mislead everyone.

Halving, news, indicators, the seasonal variation, as smooth as a deep ocean wave. It's all priced in. Efficient market hypothesis. Overanticipated. Overhyped. And ultimately overpriced.

The curve is so smooth and natural. It's surprising how it escaped being noticed for such an extended duration.

Do you think BTC will break a year-long curved trend just for us? Today?
Bình luận: And just like that 9k is just starting to look possible again. It has to go up through some resistance levels.

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