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What's your experience with harmonic patterns?
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Hi @a.b

take this a second chance to provide something useful and on-topic. As i mentioned earlier, one of my favorite tools in my toolbox are fractals. I use them to predict a possible path. They do not always work or will be played out to their maximum possible extent (let's call it "error-rate"). When i look at harmonic patterns i can see that they're built of 2-n fractals. This enables one to extend the predictable path by adding up the "forecast-potential" of every single pattern's fractal (more or less).

I presume the "library of harmonic patterns" includes those, who had the highest statistical appearance. Since i've never used them for charting i can just assume how they're utilized. They're probably not static but will be sized until they properly fit into a scenario. In reference to the "error-rate", a harmonic pattern as a whole, like the "forecast-potential", should add up the "error-rates" of it's fractals totaling in a higher "error-rate" as a whole compared to a single fractal. You can still adjust a pattern to make it fit until the point where it validated or invalidated. This shouldn't imply that i have heavy doubts on their usage or value. Everyone has his favorite tools in his/her toolbox. For myself i wouldn't give harmonic patterns a high priority on my list of things to learn. For the price of a lower "forecast-potential" i'm gonna stick to fractals by now because i can use them in a more flexible and creative way compared to ready-made patterns. Your personal experience confirms my first impression.

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@a.b I haven't used harmonic patterns so far because i stopped walking in unknown territories since i've started to learn and develop my skills on analysis. I'm pretty basic and mainly use (in fact i'm highly attracted by) the sources of mother nature. (; Fractals and Fibonacci Numbers. A couple of months ago i saw the documentary "The Forecaster" (worth watching) and learned that there is another gift of mother nature. The number Pi. Really exciting and i've just scratched the very surface of that cyclic model called Economic Confidence Model. It's awesome and has an outstanding versatility superior to anything i haven't seen before (as far as i can judge as a non-pro). If you want to have a look at, feel free to visit Martin Armstrong's company homepage @ https://www.armstrongeconomics.com Really awesome content, even in front of the pay-wall.

Have a nice day!
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EduardZimmermann EduardZimmermann
and btw: i share your claim "keep it simple".
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a.b EduardZimmermann
@EduardZimmermann, no 3rd party links, please
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@a.b, Sorry, i didn't know that you don't like clickable resources of knowledge for expanding one's view in an educational post. (; Won't happen again. Promised.

Have a nice day!
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a.b EduardZimmermann
@EduardZimmermann, It does not refer to harmonic patterns (pro or con) and links to a website with a store => very likely super-spammy content. Should that happen again the comment will be reported and your account investigated
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@a.b, Thanks for your reply and providing the keyword i (believe me) truly just haven't thought of: Off-Topic. As i said already, i'm sorry, i didn't realize and made it on purpose. I'm just a human like you. Furthermore i'm an adult, probably much older compared to the average users here, and always try to act as such. I told you that it won't happen again and i meant it that way. The smile shouldn't distract from my honesty and my regret. So there's no need to threaten me. I truly got and understood your message.

Just for the record and in reference to your allusion of "very likely super-spammy content" i can assure you that i only quote sources i've checked on my own beforehand. It might not be in the favor of the referenced website that it includes a store (maybe it's just the most convenient way for the owner of that site, who knows?) but it would have needed like 2 minutes of research to get a first impression from Martin Armstrong. He's not a part of the mass media and therefore not as famous as e.g. Warren Buffet, he's an underrated underdog related to that. But he's a very clever economic forecaster with a very high reputation from those who know him and appreciate his work based on his very own model. therefore the content on that website is the complete opposite of your allusion. Sorry again that it was off-topic!

You can contact me in a private message if there's something more to say or to clear up.

Have a nice day!
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a.b EduardZimmermann
@EduardZimmermann, It's okay, I believe you did it in good faith.

Have good trading
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@a.b, Thanks and same for you!
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Is out there a better and more efficient way to measure M & W formations?
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