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BTC - Almost Resolved the dump

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
EMA Cross will confirm we are back in action.
Bình luận: Still havent crossed - tomorrow will be key.

Bình luận: BTC Break out.. $16600 in sight. Will be intereting to see if we can break it - there will be a lot of stops / liquidations in the gap above. RSI is trying to break. Looks promising all round.

Bình luận: (With new strat ive developed)

Bình luận: BTC has turned Bearish on 4 hour

Your analysis is slightly off since you failed to circle the critical fake out cross-over that occurred on 6/30 during the June/July correction on your chart. Out of all the recent corrections, the overall structure of the current correction is most similar to the previous June/July correction. Specifically, on 6/30 there was an EMA cross-over on a chart structure similar to where we are now; however, instead of resuming the uptrend, price proceeded to drop another 35%.
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filbfilb Cdglax1000316
@Cdglax1000316, yeah i mention that in the comments below. Missed it in the original comments.
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elshanti Cdglax1000316
@Cdglax1000316, agree and I pointed it out earlier last week
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The exception here is that EMA cross is still way above the 50 MA unlike in previous breakouts were the cross was below it.. so the situation now looks very similar to the initial crosses in the long june-july correction were it fell under 50 MA and dipped at1800 then the breakout cross happend.
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Is that a 20/50MA crossover on the 12h timeframe?

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filbfilb jacques64
@jacques64, Hi no, its the 8/24 EMA... It doesnt get conventional use but it works beautifully for me.
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Thank you for taking the time to perform the analysis and share it with us!
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filbfilb kneztechbit
@kneztechbit, Youre welcome.
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Looks like the previous recrosses took longer to take place (~15 days). Shouldn't we expect the same here?
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filbfilb hpferrao
@hpferrao, yes true, but it also took longer on this occasion to cross than in the past, which suggests to me that the strength of the upmove is stronger as you would expect in a parabolic / exponential move.

The one thing that does concern me is the June - July Dump where it ended up crossing then recrossing and going lower. That would realise the c. $8k dump off, but that happened due to fundimental reasons around the 2x and fork debate, so assuming that doesnt happen we will probably go sdieways for a while then break out.
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