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BTC Idea - All I see is patterns!

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
So what we are looking here is a set of patterns indicated by green, red and yellow arrows. They seem to constantly repeat in the chart so this is an attemt to predict the future. You should focus mostly on the reds and greens, while the yellows provide a more complete picture of how the trend is being formed.

The pattern starts with a big green arrow, followed by a big red and then it complete itself with a set of two small yellows before it starts all over again. So, we have GREEN-RED-DOUBLE YELLOW (G-R-2Y). I separated the chart in three periods so it's easier to explain it. The first one ends at the ATH . The second one ends at the all time low after the crash and the third one is the continuation after the lowest point.

Let's start from the beginning.

Period 1: I think it's pretty clear we have a massive bull run which ends at the ATH near 20.000$ with the pattern of G-R-2Y repeated two times. Notice the fib levels.

Period 2: BIG RED! The bubble bursts, market is crashing, everyone is panicking. Double yellows for a small correction. Then the bulls return with the first big green in an attempt to reach the 0.786 fib resistance which fails. Red and double yellows follow before the bulls will have another go to return to normality, which stops at .0786 fib resistance and the cycle have to reset once again with a big red and double yellows. Then comes the decision time. Normally the bulls have to take over and continue with a big green but they fail to do so. The triangle breaks downwards, the pattern changes and the bears take over to drop it to the lowest point after the crash where it stops at the 0.236 fib support. Instead of a big green we have a big red.

Period 3: Have we seen the bottom yet? Looks like we did. The pattern has slightly changed when the big red ended the period two but now we follow as normally with a double yellow and a big green which stops at the 0.5 fib resistance. Red with double yellows continue which brings us to yesterday when the big green started to form. It is expected to test the 0.5 fib resistance and fail to break it. Then the big red will follow but it should hold on the 0.382 fib support which formed a few weeks ago. The double yellows are about to continue between the 0.5 and 0.382 level and after that the big green will shoot us to the other fib resistance at 0.618. After that the pattern continues as normal (G-R-2Y) with small corrections that hold on the previous supports and that will eventually escape the short term downtrend and continue the long term uptrend. I am expecting to go this way because of the higher lows and higher highs we had the previous days which is a bullish signal.

These are just my views and ideas in a poor attempt to predict the future. I am not a financial advisor and you shouldn't follow this chart as a guideline to invest. I would be very happy to hear about your thoughts in the comments bellow. Let me know what you think :)
Bình luận: Seems like our green is smaller than I expected but still a very good sign. A smaller red follows which will be followed by the double yellows which are going to be even smaller staying above the 0.382 fib support. After the 2Y we may finally try to test the 0.5 resistance.
Bình luận: Big red formed nicely and looks like it approaches to its lowest point around 10.800. Double yellows should follow playing around 0.382 fib levels. After that the big green should finally test the 0.5 resistance.
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