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Bitcoin - Called it a month ago... - When to buy?

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la

So on Dec 25th, I said that BTC is bearish and exactly said, the price will reach 16k$ before crashing.... well its following my idea exactly.

Here is the previous idea that was done on the 25th:

So lets ignore the past and move on.

The common question right now, is when do we buy back? I have placed in two lines which are strong support regions that should be able to hold the correction and reverse the downtrend.

If it goes below both lines I would sell everything and stay in USDT till the market is clear. (I doubt that it will go down more, but just in case).

Bình luận: In the month I have joined the tradingview community I have given the following successful signals some of which went 200%+ within few days of the call. All of which reached the targets:


Signals that didn't reach targets yet:

Vcash FLDC 1st

Which I believe will reach the target after the BTC correction, when they do I can proudly say that I have a 100% accurate signals.

Bình luận: Here is a quick update:

There are two downtrend regions that bitcoin got to break from before confirming an uptrend.

These two downtrends are shown below:

Bình luận: All new updates will be posted in this new idea:

Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: 52% if you bought at the levels indicated
from 7800$ to 9500$
then from 5900 to 9000$
Probably if btc can retain $12000 in the next 24 hours, then it would be going for the up trend :-)
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DCFreak EmiliaCb
@EmiliaCb, if it stays at 12.8+k till the 4h candle closes that would be a first order confirmation.
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I see bitcoin stopping at 8000 to 8400, I don't see how 8500 is a support. Is that just not to miss out?
I'd rather miss out tbh than risk buying a bit too high when stop loss is going to be like 7500 and target 9 to 10k at best (where do you htink it bounces too?)
Phản hồi
DCFreak MrRenev
@MrRenev, I believe 7900$ should do the trick or even 8k+ supports, but we have to wait and see. Too early to tell.
Phản hồi
@DCFreak thanks, I've sold at 12 and 11k$, bought back at 9k and now sold at 10.5k$, from a results oriented point of view good decissions thusfar. Would you buy back before it hits 8k level ( if it ever goes there ) to trade another swing or would you wait?

Care to have a look at this guys chart:

He predicts the exact opposite, has a lot of followers:

Would love to hear your thoughts on his trading idea, just from a trading analytical point of view :)
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DCFreak MuMPiTz
@MuMPiTz, I respect him a lot and read his charts. However, I don't agree with this idea. At the end, only time will tell.

A short-term bounce doesn't mean a long-term uptrend, and a shot-term fall doesn't mean a longterm fall. At the moment, we are in a down trend, and the downtrencd line is the judge.

I have some fears that the market won't withstand what might happen which could lead to a stronger correction (a lot of new hands that are holding, and once they see 4 figure numbers instead of 5 they will freakout), so I can't tell you if buying at 8500 is a good idea or not. We will have to wait and see.
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MuMPiTz DCFreak
@DCFreak, thanks!
Phản hồi
i follow you since you've joined here. i read your post about huge correction when it was published at first in december. congratulations for on target comments. do you have the same idea that btc will go down untill $5000 - 7000 level?
+1 Phản hồi
DCFreak SelcukDrinkwater
@SelcukDrinkwater, it doesn't seem that the current support is holding and the next support is the 8.5k one.
+2 Phản hồi
DCFreak DCFreak
@DCFreak, we will have to see how the 8.5k support holds before moving in to lower ones.
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