BITSTAMP Primary wave 5 target

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
the target for primary wave 5 wasn't so much affected by this deep correction (~88K). it has been just pushed farther away by a month to the end of December.

Wave (1) should take out the ATH             probably by April
ur delusional if u think $30k happens by end of march
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damdamm MonocoleDundee

Mongol Dundee from LTC prediction to $1 when was $30 :) After your prediction it shoot to the moon to $350 :) hehe.. It was tilting with windmills. Rebuy failed.. hehe

How did you find a way to such a professional post :) ?

Warmly welcome :)
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I figured some count with revisiting wave 4 of lower degree at 3000.
But currently I'm also long because some rebound to ~11K is required to drop again.
I post it here so people be aware that the possibility to drop to 3K still exists. But nobody knows which count will play out. This is EWA uncertainty.
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v618452981 mmitkevich
@mmitkevich, I know next to nothing about TA, but for some reason I like this more than user100000k's. I don't see $90k as improbable, but a smooth sailing from $7k to $90k in several months just doesn't sound right to me. Well, I'll be a dollar millionaire if that happens, but I feel it shouldn't be that easy. If BTC will eventally go to 90k or six figures, I'd expect a violent shakeout first to eliminate all the weak hands and completely transfer as much BTC as possible to "smart money" before the rally starts. Your scenario seems to fit this better.
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Very interesting analysis. I was going through some of your earlier works and they have been on point. Great work.
I have a similar target but computed using a rather unconventional method. Do let me know your views on this
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I just wanna say all these ppl calling $3,000 next should stop and btc wont be on sale anymore. The correction shall or already been done. This is what we wanna see ATH next!
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seems more correction ahead..fake bull runs can take place till we break above 10-12k
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