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Bình luận: Last target hit!
Why the hell would this happen, ever? There would have to be a constant flow of good news coming in for days if not weeks.
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@roman_akyuz, Im optimistic. No need for the foul language. You don't have to agree. Can you suggest any other scenario?
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roman_akyuz principaloverprinciple
@principaloverprinciple, lol that's not foul language. Grow up.
Phản hồi
@roman_akyuz, So I guess that means you have nothing relevant to offer. Have a good day!
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@roman_akyuz, Also who trades the news? The move already happens before any news is released.
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roman_akyuz principaloverprinciple
@principaloverprinciple, Everyone trades the news, dude. Back in December when BTC was crushing one ATH after another, things were good in cryptoland. There was a constant influx of good news. A lot of new money poured into crypto as a result of that. So yes, a lot of people trade the news. It's not uncommon for investors to pump a token just to dump it again quickly after news or a product announcement has come out. Given how there is almost no good news about BTC in the last couple of days, the opposite would need to happen (read: good news) for BTC to head the other direction.
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@roman_akyuz, they brought the news and now those same people our selling the news. I see you might be one of them. I appreciate the convo now lets wait and see, only time will tell.
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sinapsis490 roman_akyuz
@roman_akyuz, Tether scam is supposed to be the reason of december upside movement . and the news are now very centralized, all happens is a very precise and timely manner, don't you see the pattern ?
Phản hồi
roman_akyuz sinapsis490
@sinapsis490, So what will happen next?
Phản hồi
sinapsis490 roman_akyuz
@roman_akyuz, Individual guys suffer, and the big wales make money. I will go further down, then up to go down again and it will play in the down side for a time, we still need to get more info about tether, bitfinex. Hard to know if we will be able to pull out even to start this new game, in new values.
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