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$BTC Looking for a 97% DROP From ATH In a Real Crash

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
#BTC We're looking for a 97% drop from all time highs to $650 in a real crash ( we haven't seen it yet ) This in spite of the "experts" calling for $50,000 BTC             this year. This is a very LONG TERM call and doesn't mean that BTC             and it's bounces along the way aren't very tradable for the astute trader - they are - but we're looking for deep value and this it our long term opinion. #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Trading #ICO #China
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london55555 wildbeast
@wildbeast, Well two things actually 1st) BTC dropped 70% from it's ATH and it's not even seen a real "crash" yet as we posted and 2nd) we just reported your "genius" post as a personal attack and we won't reply to you again. Have a great day.
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so are we saying that ETH will overtake bitcoin in value long term ?
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@nth1txm, To be honest I have no idea if that will happen. This is strictly a call on the coin not the technology but thank you for the reply.
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"Vote values but bet beliefs" - Robin Hanson ;)
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@Haceru, Interesting. Thank you.
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london55555 wildbeast
@wildbeast, Ahh thank you for the reply. We were wondering when the haters would come out. This is pretty much the same response that we received a month ago when we posted with charts and EW analysis that XRP would go to 68c That BCH would get cut in half and that LTC would fall to $97 and GBTC would hit $1,100. We wish you the best of luck.
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wildbeast london55555
@london55555, Ok mr "Expert" lets see how this plays out. I will be back LOLL.
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london55555 wildbeast
@wildbeast, First of all we never said we were "experts" did we? Secondly we don't respond to nasty comments that add nothing to the debate - we simply report them. Have a good day.
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