BTCUSD. Head & Shoulder or Three-drive Pattern.

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
This is my new account. Old account was: yqmhay. You can check my previous post by searching that username.

***Remember, we are still in a bearish market. The BTC bubble is still blowing off. We are still in a capitulation phase. We can go further downward any minute.

***The safest move is staying outside waiting for the ultimate dip.


In a short time frame:

Sell target 1: 8200 (Head & shoulder pattern)
Sell target 2: 8700 (textbook three-drive pattern)

I gave a short-term signal this afternoon. It didn't work quite well. I bought some at around 8150 and sold most of them at 8250 where my stop-loss was triggered. I have some left because there is still a chance BTC can rise to around 8800. Now the chance is getting smaller. I will wait for another one or two hours and will sell all if BTC cannot get his feet on 8100.

For long-term (a few weeks):

Buy target 1: 6500
Buy target 2: 5500
Buy target 3: 3600

Also, Binance is down. There might be a sell off right after Binance resumes trading. And you can expect a bounce back after the dip. You can make sweet profit if you can catch the dip. It is very risky for sure and I do not suggest you put big money on it.

******I trade basing on my own analysis. I usually gain but sometimes I do lose. So please make your own judgement.******

******This is NOT pure TA. I also use information that I cannot show you on the chart and the fact that our market is manipulated as f**k. *******

If you have made some money following my signals and you feel happy, you can donate whatever amount of Nano ( XRB ) to support me publishing more ideas. Thanks!

Nano ( XRB ): xrb_1ee1mxnsss6fsb6iaes8c7hy7ox9qc9ieye1acxbo69wd3wkbsb7y8dd6xth

Cryptocurrency is created to be used. Don't simply be a trader. Use it. Or we will have no future.

Bình luận: Binance FUD really gets us. BTC reached 8148 after I made this post. It would be really difficult to rise to 8200 again unless Binance announces a good compensation plan.

However, this could also be a huge opportunity for longing BTC. Buy FUD sell news. I expect a big bounce after Binance reveals the compensations. High risk high return. I will throw 5% in it and buy around 7800. Make your decision.
Bình luận: Now it has reached my first target. As I said, buy FUD sell news. If you have bought some at 7800, now you have 6% profit.

I have taken my profit because I believe the Binance selling off is coming.
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: The second target 8700 is also reached. It seems whales thought the market sentiments are positive enough to support another pump.

Congratulations to those still staying in the market! Now you have 9% profit if you bought in following my signal.

I did not make this money but I feel no regret. It is dangerous to chase high profit and I tend to be very cautious.

If whales decide to pump again, the next target will be around 9500. To be safe, I recommend setting some sell orders between 9000 and 9500.
Bình luận: BTW, I don't think the market will support another pump. It would cost too much for whales to pump the price up to 9000. They only do pumps when they know it is profitable. So my recommendation is taking profit. You can leave 5%-10% to chase the next high but I think the chance of next pump is very very small.

*In case you do not know, whales pump price so they can sell high to retail investors. You know they are pumping if there is unusually high buying volume suddenly showing up. They only pump when they think the sentiments are positive enough to make people FOMO in and buy their BTC with high price.
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