Whats happening in real-time?

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
I take a quick look at the state of things... and try and get an idea what type of direction the market is indicating.
Still loving these videos. Have you thought about putting videos on Youtube so that you don't need to stick to 10 min? I'd love longer form videos from you :)
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It does appear that BTC had a small breakout at the same time Binance came online again
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where could i learn about fib circles?

and how do you compare them to the standard horizontal fib extension and retracement levels?

very interesting.
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nukenowakowski whoisthelorax
@whoisthelorax, Great questions.
1.) Where could I learn about fib circles?

I actually go over this in a video I made before this one...
There is also a pretty good walkthrough with them on StockCharts ...if you google Fibonacci Resistance Arc ... it'll come up

2.)How do they compare to horizontal fib extension and retracement?
Well thats a great question! They of course are the same logarithm - its the same natural pattern -- occuring on either price action, or time scale. A fib arc uses this logarithm in relation to both -- price action and time scale.
If you watch the video, I think you'll take the parts that are important away from it... furthermore, if you do the reading from Stockcharts -- I'm confident you'll find my explanation is "good enough"
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what happens to volume when Binance is not operating?
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nukenowakowski Randy_Sampson
@Randy_Sampson, So thats an interesting question. We are using the Coinbase exchange. This means that Binance being down doesn't affect our volume state. However, that may not be entirely true - as there are traders whom have accounts on GDAX and Binance which are using GDAX because Binance is down. I think this is a small number of traders/investors and so I've ruled it out as important for our uses.

If we were viewing a marketcap site or application, we would have to take the Binance exchange being offline as a problem for our current data.
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Thank you very much for posting. So interesting and truly appreciate your insight.
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@chulam00, Thank you for the kind words. It makes it worth doing.
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Super video, just to short. Each time when it is getting most intreresting, it ends!
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nukenowakowski TobiasSombrowski
@TobiasSombrowski, Thats that wonderful 10 minute limit!
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