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#BTC #BITCOIN Head and Shoulders, -15% target $9100

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Bitcoin Head and Shoulders appears to be forming. We must only wait for confirmation and possibly a small bounce before this downward movement of -15% begins with a target of $9100. We may hover with some FOMO putting us down as low as $8300. After the target in the 8-9k range, we should see the hard bounce move us back up with a target of $54k by Feb 20th or Mar 1st 2018.
Bình luận: This shoulder is pretty much confirmed.. Down we go.. hold on!

Bình luận: Progressing well, 99% of coins are in the red.. good buy opportunities coming up before Wednesday morning when the reviews are released on the top coins.

Bình luận: I'm not sure if we are done with this retest of the 9000 range. May take another day or so.

Bình luận: 1h charts show that we've made multiple attempts to break out of the current downtrend. It also shows that we have a triangle that may be ready to be broken as early as tomorrow. This could come together if the crypto ratings announcement comes out in a positive light for bitcoin.

However, if the crypto ratings come out in a negative light, it could drive Bitcoin and many other coins down.

Glancing over ETH movement over the past week/month, tells me that ETH is on fairly strong footing, but is also affected slightly by negative BTC movement. This is telling me that ETH is gaining some traction, possibly due to the number of alts, ICO's and tokens based upon ETH.
Bình luận: 1d shows we are at the top corner of the large bullish flag (yellow rectangle). This flag may be extended if we continue the downtrend, but it is by no means the end. However, if we break out of this flag, then we will show some good positive movement upward. We will need at least 25% positive movement to break above $15k in order to confirm that we have broken the flag and we are beginning the rally to $54k.

Give it a few more days and let's see where this goes. Could be interesting.

Bình luận: I think Ron called it well. Looks like we're going up, see if we go into harmonic mode and bounce a little to create an inverse H&S which will further help these gains.

Bình luận: 15m shows we might be on track for $12k in the next couple hours. Depends on the resistance in other timelines.

Bình luận: Now for the inverse head and shoulders if we break above the neckline, which we are very quickly approaching. Target +36% to $16,000 in 24 hours or so.

i dont understand
is it a real bullish movement or a false one ??!!
Phản hồi
love when people update thair ideas! - like seen the process!!! Very usefull
Phản hồi
All that contesting the 10K support, even with the weak hands briefly breaking through to 9900 in a panic -- still just touches of the long channel line from ATH. Digging all the way to 9100 would have to bust the channel again, and we already did that forcefully with the last selloff to the 9K zone. Now it's time (harmonically) to breach the channel top
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Tin.Foil ronfkingswanson
@ronfkingswanson, The real question though, can we break above $15k? I say 15k because it's the top of the 1d ichimoku resistance cloud, which has historically (the last year), been our support area. As with prior drops through the top of the red ichi cloud, we normally bounce back through them to re-gain support.

Thanks for the comments @ronfkingswanson, I always like watching your charts, even if sometimes they go completely the opposite direction of my own. Keep me in check. :-)
Phản hồi
Tin.Foil ronfkingswanson
@ronfkingswanson, Also, looking at your chart, if we do harmonically breach the top, we'll form another inverse H&S leading us to a target of $14k. Still slightly below the ichimoku 1d resistance cloud, however we'll be well within it and near the top at that point. This could result in some sideways action for a week or two while we fight to break through the top of that cloud.

All of this fighting and resistance for the past few weeks, feels like there will be a lot of pent up energy if we break the proper levels and this could easily lead us to some new ATH's.
Phản hồi
Boss_Coyote Tin.Foil
@Tin.Foil, this will happen 13800 will be hit mid February and take off will commence from there
Phản hồi
$54k by Feb? What crack are you smoking? It's like you have no concept of parabolic runs, physics, and common sense in general. Rollers don't go upward after falling half way down. They end up at the bottom, and even a 6th grader knows that. Did you know a lot of money was flowing out of crypto and into gold as a safe haven? Why? Because the crash looks quite obvious now, and if you had any wisdom, you'd know it won't end until it crashes completely, or a full 87% retracement as it has been in the past. Which puts us under $5k at the min, but more likely $3k to $4k.
Phản hồi
Tin.Foil josephtse
@josephtse, 61% retracement is more common for crypto correction and consolidation periods. The full 87% retracement you speak of were related to generally bad news driving the crypto markets down beyond normal consolidation. Second, Bitcoin and crytpo has gained a lot of positive traction in the last year with millions of people becoming familiar with it. Overall this continued adoption will lead to greater stability than we have seen in the past 3-4 years, which leads me to believe we are very near the bottom now and rally is imminent. My target for the lowest low is $8200 worst case and reaching that low will likely happen within the next few days to week, if it happens at all. If it doesn't happen, I believe we're ready to start moving back up.

If we don't begin moving back up, we'll see transitions happening, where other crypto currencies will begin to take over and possibly lead Bitcoin in overall market cap. Coins like ETH, NEO, EOS, etc.
+2 Phản hồi
still thinking it is going to hit 9k ?
because it heading slowly up
i am holding usdt to buy at the 9k or lower
Phản hồi
what reviews are you referring to?
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