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Still Bearish AF

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
*** From now I post the opposite of what I think BTC is going to do. If an algo catches this I was screwed before I started****

This seems like a typical flag off an early bull run. The whale blowoff and reset is going to be much shorter. I'm seeing much more conservative expectations for the accumulation phase on twitter and TV; while I agree with them, I dont think it'll occur until we see some more sizable uptrend. I've been much more conservative in the past couple days than I should, but the timing of that massive volume spike keeps stinking of manipulation to me; which leads me to think we're just in the beginning of a much larger bull trend.

Do yourself a favor and go back a couple years on the 1 hour chart and hit the candle replay button. Do your best not to see what month or up/down trend you land in. After each replay set your buys and sells. Come back here and tell me you didn't get smoked in a bull run.

I'm holding my ass the next couple days to see it run over the weekend while whales think people are sleeping. Only then would I expect a pull back Monday morning after normies get to thinking its safe to re-enter.

Profit Target - 9200+-
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