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WHY you are SO HURRY?

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
I just take a another look to BTC historical data.take look to chart that made for you.
In 2013 when we start first big uptrend,it's take 11 month to make our first big ATH and started FIRST BEARISH MARKET at late days of 2013.
We ended that bear market in 651 days.finally on 2015.9.14 we started new uptrend that ended in our ATH in late days of 2017 and we enterd recent BEAR MARKET.reaching to our ATH ( $20000) due uptrend that sterted in 2015.9 take 27 month.
In past 91 days we are started new bear market and everydays we saw posts on TV that claim our bear market is near to end.
Purpose of this post is that to compare our historical records and say DONT EXPECT it to BE EASY.
Bình luận: I want to attach a historical comparison from one of the best TAs in TV for you to realize situation better.
Bình luận: If history repeats itself,we will see BTC $3000 area at least.
Bình luận: we completed this idea with a new chart.see it here
@Peymana71 like analyses dealing with historical data because I often read that history repeats. Thanks for your education lesson!

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Peymana71 EduardZimmermann
@EduardZimmermann, Thanks you for read that.
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@Peymana71, You're welcome. I realized that i need to know the market i invest money in. Unfortunately I had that kind of inspiration two months late. While I was educating myself i came across ECM (Economic Confidence Model). I don't know many models, especially not in detail (I'm a noob), but this one blew my mind. There is a documentary called "The Forecaster" which deals about Martin Armstrong, the inventor of that model.I am desperately looking for ECM related analyses (I know they are paid ware) which correlate to the crypto market to make better or more precise predictions. From what I understood so far Elliot Waves can be used for predictions aswell if you know the start- and endpoint of the wave/s. Timescales are not fixed and do vary. ECM has fixed timescales which would narrow down the timely horizon of market actions/directions. Anyway, thanks again and sorry for drifting away from your fine analysis.

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Peymana71 EduardZimmermann
@EduardZimmermann, 80% of crypto investors are whos never involved in any market and just here for some MOON fantasy and all of them start to learn after lost evrything they invested in.happy to see someone learning like you.remember in this market trading is much more profitable than just holding.learn how to trade right with open eyes.
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Im thinking that this periods of time has some fib extenstion relationship... thats why the bears will stay an proportional time to the last uptrend depending on the relation between the up and downtrend 2013-2015
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Peymana71 CristoJaraba
@CristoJaraba, you are absolutely this kind of comparisons we have to involve Volume,Market Cap,market population , etc.
With all these datas we can find magical relations that make all things obvious to us.
But Im dont want or can measure all these data and i just want to show newcomers that what cases they can expect to occur with a very simple comparison.
Thanks you to read my idea and wrote comment for me.
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CristoJaraba Peymana71
@Peymana71, You're welcome and take a look to my ideas!
Thank you!
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