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MUN OR SUN (A bullish perma-bear fairytale)

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la

Were either going towards ~9200 possibly


We're going to hit ~8400 and ~8150.

-Turnip (never biased, i hate btc but i love money)

**Theory: BTC Maximalists sold their pecious btc's. lol. weak/med hands capitulated early. Everyone is waiting for a dip. The only reason I think we went to 5850 is because market maker was blasting all buy walls with 50btc sells. Now that those silly hodlers are no longer hodlers and we were out of normie greater fools... those btc maximalists are the jet fuel and FOMO will be the catalyst.**

/end conspiracy theory
being bearish on blockchain is like being bearish on cell phone stocks back in late 90's. Either or is not an analysis. it's guess work and throwing darts with a blindfold on at best. hodlers will be laughing that you didnt buy at sub 6k. good luck
Phản hồi
@pisces38, you still bantering? Everyone look, this boyo said anything below 10k was impossible. we halved that. lel. thanks for the free corn. :D
Phản hồi
pisces38 WhaleTeam6
@WhaleTeam6, lol your analysis is garbage. you like flipping coins. heads or tails. when you guess it right you're suddenly a genius. lmao clown.
Phản hồi
@pisces38, stop being mad buddeh. ill take good care of your coins.
Phản hồi
pisces38 WhaleTeam6
@WhaleTeam6, i bet you weren't buying at 6k. cause i certainly was.
Phản hồi
pisces38 pisces38
@pisces38, but legit though. your analysis is trash. guessing at best. with no emphasis on different signals your using. just dumbass child trading with peanuts.
Phản hồi
@pisces38, you need hugs booodeh? *hug*
Phản hồi
pisces38 WhaleTeam6
@WhaleTeam6, and when did i say anything 10k was impossible. you're trash. do us all a favor and stop posting your garbage TA
Phản hồi
@pisces38, *hug*
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