BTCUSD (12h): Third trend line idea (Nr. 3) > 23800 USD

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Let us look at the situation a year ago. We see almost a similar situation. BTC went down from Fibo 1 to Fibo 0.38 at that time. The market recovered quickly and the share price was then at the beginning of March at Fibo 1.23. This is also related to Chineese New Year. If we compare the situation, the market was much more sceptical about Bitcoin a year ago. Don't forget that. And today: Bitcoin launched a new technology. Lightning could be the 2018 Game Changer.

Even if many see a further correction, an longterm upward trend could already start now. That's why I re-entered at ~10,000 USD yesterday. Always with the certainty of quickly dropping out in case of a possible correction. Currently, the forecast is still vague, but possible.

Possible Targets:
Resistance at 14.900 USD
Fibo 0.78 at 16.400 USD
Fibo 1.23 at 23.800 USD

Let's see what happens. Happy trading. :-)

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Thx for following A N D thx for helping.

Even thought I have been posting so many chart about BTC since Dec 6th 2017, I did advise you about the latest fall. on Jan 27th.

Phản hồi
What relevance is the Chinese new year? Thanks
Phản hồi
btcinvests noideaihave
@noideaihave, about 15-20 days before the chinese new year the price went down in the last years. chinese sell to get money maybe for holidays, gifts and so on. you can google that.
Phản hồi
Hi. The breakout was not large or is not critical?
Phản hồi
@legi4, breakout? oh, sorry!!!! of course i mean the main support line. it is the purple one. next support at 9300 (the black one). thx for your question.
Phản hồi
legi4 btcinvests
Thanks understand.Online translator :(
Phản hồi
@legi4, no translator. the translator would be better. I just wrote it wrong. :-)
Phản hồi
legi4 btcinvests
@btcinvests, Yes I just wrote it wrong.
Phản hồi
Dear btcinvests, what's your view on linear charts vs log? I can't seem to figure out on which chart my trend lines are valid.
Phản hồi
@jobs23, i mainly analyse in linear charts only. log charts are suitable for very long periods of time. with the interpretation of log charts i am a bit more cautious.
Phản hồi
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