Is Bitcoin (BTCUSD) about to go parabolic? (Circular Geometry)

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Is Bitcoin             ( BTCUSD             ) about to go parabolic and reach a new ATH             of $6234.13 on 2017-07-07 on BitStamp . (Circular Geometry)

When I centered a Fib. Arc on the low $42.58 of 2013-04-10 to the high $259.34 of 2013-04-08, the 4.236 Fib Circle circumference touches the 2013-11-30 high of $1163. I felt that this touch was no coincidence and must have significance, can this Fib. Arc ratio of 5.618 be used to project the high of Bitcoin´s 3rd parabolic move? Will this new ATH             be unveiled by using a bit of (Circular Geometry). All calculations are done on candlestick data.

See and think for yourself, let me know what you think or feel?
Is this possible or completely insane in da membrane?
One thing is for sure, in 66 days we will know.


Om Sri Satoshi Ji Namah
OM Sri Satoshi Mahadev! Jai!
Bình luận: purrfect tag on the arc, tho.
Why you use 3.618 level in the circle set? I'm trying to understand key levels in my analysis. You picked those levels yourself or is it default?
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FlippingABitCoin LogicalDeduction
@LogicalDeduction, In this chart, these levels are just filling along the way to the end level 4.236. But I use 3 different fib templates, EWave count, Geometry and this one Standard Fibs.
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lmao bruh gimme some of that $$$
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66 days off the May 1 post looks to have synced perfectly with the bottom of the fierce correction on July 6?
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just amazing work! is there any update? :)
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from what i gather u r suggesting that the peak of parabola is around $6200 mark ... but what happens after that? do we see a big retrace? TIA
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FlippingABitCoin monolith_seeker
@monolith_seeker, Hi, sorry for the late reply..... there will be some profit taking but also that will be bought....a lot of wicks and shadows thats for sure. Om
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Mate, you might be right, unbelievable!
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@Cryto, lets see and enjoy...TY
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