This is a test of an index view of the top 10 crypto currencies traded on 14.11.2017. They are weighted so that each coin is bought for ~100$ each. The main point of this graph is to test out index graph on Tradingview and to see how much (or little) those 1000$ becomes in a month, quarter, year etc.

The 10 crypto currencies and amounts are:
EOSUSD 68,87
IOTUSD 168,01
Bình luận: Only two weeks and we have over 50% return! Thats pretty good for no effort spent on trading or analysing! :D
Bình luận: Wow, so the 29. November 2017 sure was an interesting day for trading cryptocurrencies. This index had a 541$ difference between top and bottom. Meaning that we on one day where between about 80% profit and 30% profit from start (ca. 1000$). In total it seems like we are not starting to become stable again. And hopefully we will see a return in growth.
Bình luận: Correction: In total it seems like we ARE starting to become stable again. And hopefully we will see a return in growth.
Bình luận: However, if BTC continues down to between 7k-8k we most likely will see a further correction of this index as well. Everyone should read @MarcPMarkets posts:
Bình luận: Update related to the resent massive correction that happened on 19. Desember 2017. As has been common for 2017 almoast every other Cryptocurrency starts to correlate highly with BTCUSD:

did you still hold these positions?
Phản hồi
300% gain for a month. Great!!!
+2 Phản hồi
ohenrik sonlamhut
@sonlamhut, Yeah, pretty insane!
Phản hồi
sir how to create this type of index of multiple coins? free user can create it or which type of user required? thanx
+1 Phản hồi
crudeking crudeking
@crudeking, found the solution thanx for idea
+1 Phản hồi
Now with gains nearly 650USD, despite all coins fall 10 - 20% today. Awesome
+2 Phản hồi
10 days and nearly 400$
Phản hồi
ohenrik irfan_hjw
@irfan_hjw, Yes, it’s insane! 40% without any big correction as a total. I’m really looking forward to seeing this after a year. I think that people in general are not moving money out of cryptocurrencies in total, but rather switch between coins when one is over bought.
Phản hồi
irfan_hjw ohenrik
@ohenrik, how do you determine if a coin is overbought and it's time to move out or switch to another? if we look at the chart, isn't all of them will go back to the top or even reach higher all-time high later on?
Phản hồi
ohenrik irfan_hjw
@irfan_hjw, I don’t switch out any coins, i just own a bit of all of them. Tradingview won’t let me create a chart with more than 10 at a time though. However other people are actively trading though, it feels like the trading activity in total is just bringing all coins up as very few are using margin on short positions on any of these coins.
+1 Phản hồi
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