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follow up to my yesterday idea where the hourly chart acting identical to the 18-22 December Crash..
I copied and pasted the 1h bars from the same area where it tested the 50 MA on the 18 Deceember and so far showing very similar behavior.

Targets to watch

1- Old trend line support test ( september and november dips trend line ) (11000$-11100$)
2- Fib retracement 0.618 around (11000$-11100$)
3- On the daily chart 200 WMA and 100 MA zone where all the bounces happend in the last 2 years (9000$-10000$ Zone)
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Bình luận: Fractals..Brilliant!!
Bình luận: Bull's Eye !!
Bình luận:
Bình luận: The target reached already.. but their might be another capitulation leg to fib 0.618 arounf 7600-8200$ which is different at the exchanges..trade at your own risk !!
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Yes. Yes it will.
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I love to see MA 50,100 + Confused zone search to find your dream :)
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short it to $6000 btc. then to $25,000. in 1 week
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elshanti revelationcoin
@revelationcoin, almost there !
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wanna buy at $8000
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funny hahahahaha
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I sincerely hope it goes down to $8000 so I can buy the shoit out of it!
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we all need to stay very shanti El
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Very nice, do you think if this happens btc will go into mid tearm bear market?
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