Few different scenerios for bitcoin! Second attempt for bottom!!

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
My personal opinion bitcoin             would try bottom again at $6000. Then go back up around $10000 range. However it is nearly impossible to guess bitcoin             due to institutional investors. They can not seem to leave bitcoin             alone. They are always trying to altering it is course. However people don't seem to be interested buying bitcoin             above $8000 range at the moment.So second try on bottom likely. People wants to make sure where bottom is... Again I cannot see the future but there are some likely scenarios on this chart.If $6000 support wont hold for some reason Price should still be above $5000 range and bounce from there.
Bình luận: As you can see this artificial price increase on Btc does not help anybody except institutional players. They have messed with this market before. Jacked up the price to 20000 usd and sold it at the top at the end we payed the price. This is happening all over again. It looks like this could be another fake breakout. Before you go ahead and buy consider your options carefully. I am neither bullish or bearish. But I am tired of this artificial price changes by larger btc purchases all of a sudden.This people already bought larger amounts at $6k level and they don't want Btc to go back to natural course. Why would they?First ones to buy and first ones to sell. Napkin sales might skyrocket this month or so :)
Interesting, thank you!
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