The target of current bubble lays between $40k and $110k

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I definately see correlation in wave structure between 2013th bubble and a current. This is update of "Long term Bitcoin             price extrapolation" posted 7 Oct 2016.

Many time past since then. And log scaled trends grew a lot.

You can see some historical trends here. The lowest defines "Normal growth" and price is currently inside it. The upper ones defines "mid and super grow". Once price enters them it will start drammatical growth due deflational Bitcoin             nature.

Corelations I see between 2013 and current bubbles marked by circles. So taking into account that correlations I announce drammatical price rise from approximately $40,000 USD in quick and pessimistic version to more than $100,000 USD and prolonged optimistic version.

Deadline for this action is till 2019.
Right on da money!
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So, assuming this maintains its uncanny accuracy, we're going to be stuck trading sideways at $11k-$15k until mid 2019, when it will skyrocket again.
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kloiik captainspaulding999
@captainspaulding999, Mid 2018 you mean I think?
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@kloiik, Sorry, yes, I meant 2018. Thx
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tcapb captainspaulding999
@captainspaulding999, this chart is more about levels than about timing. Things could happen faster.
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Johnsdad captainspaulding999
@captainspaulding999, Not necessarily. In many forms of TA the time factor isn't something you take into account. It is more the sizing of the waves which masterluc has done perfectly here. Given that his prediction said that after the down wave we would move rapidly to 40-100k that means we could be on our way already now.
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Best chart yet
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omg?? how accurate this is !!! increadible
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senin sikini daaan gezdirenler yesin
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