Some other clear analysis is not always charts.

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As a noobie watching and trying to decipher these charts is very burdensome, confusing, and sometimes overwhelming..I find searching for news and facts are more true to the potential value of a coin than anything. I understand charts are for what is coming very soon, most of the time, and news will take longer to increase or decrease the value and your position on the coin...I guess this is one small advantage of being more of a buyer/hodler than a trader....thanks
I think you will grow when you can accumulate all of the information and determine your decisions based off of those. To say that one way is better than the other is the wrong way of thinking.

Also, do understand that people trade different than you “hodlers”. It doesn’t validate a reason for you to come to a website based on TA and say you’re method is better, which is weak. Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

That’s my .02
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@RYANCAMPBELLSD, I'm sorry you have misunderstood what I meant...I'm new to trading both in stocks and crypto...I didn"t mean that lookin for news was better than charts or the pros that make them..what I was saying is that being a noobie at investing period,,, it has helped me at this point to listen rather than see.. because of my lack of analysis of charts and what they may represent...I cannot wait to learn more from the people that confuse me at present.... Thanks for the reply...I'm learning!!
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