BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Moving in channel. Touched support line and it will go more up to the resistance line of the channel
Bình luận: Broke our support line
Bình luận: A bit of logic. Many people say that bitcoin will go to 8-7,5-5. . Firstly, if you are not a whale. You can not move the price of a few thousand dollars. But if you are a whale, you sell bitcoins at a price of 11k in order to re-buy at a cheaper price, if you look at the purchase orders - they are huge. The meaning of whales to sell bitcoin - no. Whales are not speculators who want to earn 30% Sell for 11k and buy for 8 in this there is a risk. The second assumption of the Whale is played in a long and collusion in Wall Street. Which have not yet entered the market with their capital. And they do not like the price of entering the market. But if you look at the volumes then the big purchases are 9200-11000. Now they make a lot of bad news, so that not shock-resistant people will sell their bitcoins, whales will buy with pleasure. And always keep dollars in your portfolio. So hold on, the boat will swing often, and not the strongest survive but the one who adapts faster to the situation. It's my opinion

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Don't count on it. BTC is going lower. China's New year tell us that people from Orient are taking investments out, so here it is:
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Dear Excavo I follow you from a long time now and here is my idea on BTC.

What do you think about it?
Thank you
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It looks like your comment is way better than your chart
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Thank you very much for your explanation about the whales and Wall Street. It helped a lot!!!
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@EXCAVO Market is reminding of the movie " Wallstreet" .. Just keep the buy bucket waiting for the sellers !!
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"so that not shock-resistant people will sell their bitcoins' huh?
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achrafboy CrytopherAu
@CrytopherAu, "not shock-resistant people" Weak hands i guess ^^
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Thanks, nice post!
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Thank you for your continued sharing
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The Goverments are making the news and till March when G20 will be in Argentina where the plans of regulation of crypto would be presented.
Before that we will hear something during 23-26 January in World economic forum in Davos.

Till that there will be only sales as of nobody expects that goverments would give up their crypto called fiat and start supporting cryptos
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