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Detailed chart with all fibs we need, got many vertical time targets in there as well to learn and understand where trends reverse. Observe, study and learn to use this chart and you will come a long way. No further explanation, those who are passionate enough will figure it out anyways.
Bình luận: So simple things, what does the chart tell us.

First off we broke down again through the .618 support zone, in my historical bubble chart this is also a crucial level and dump further normally to deeper levels in sometimes a very short time-frame. The .382 is a great retracement level and I would definitely buy if we reach this, which is around 8200.

Breaking below .382 can cause a big panic spike to 0.236-0.295, these are excellent to buy and hold and such moves only last minutes.
For now the 8200-9000 level seems to be a great bottom and should definitely hold, I will be buying here long-term and hold it for +10400-12700 level.

All this vertical momentum will be translated slowly into horizontal momentum and consolidate before the complete bear trend is over.
Bình luận: Throw back to the Historical Bubbles chart, to study and learn the retracements and behavior.
Bình luận: We are in stage of disbelieve and denial.
Bình luận: You can always go to the Share Button and click on "Make it mine!" to get this chart in your own view and edit or adjust it.
Bình luận: Larger picture of most USD pairs.
Bình luận:

Yellow is a get out level, Above is way too risky to hold, resistance will begin at red. Its where historical wicks are too so it can go there, but since it broke it has turned resistance and probably retests it before going down and people stills got fuds for 8k.
The triangle that broke after yellow only has one large down leg so it has to create atleast smaller down leg hitting the red zone.
Bình luận: 12600-12700 is 61.8 retracement level, we could see above 13k but it would be more risky to hold.
Bình luận: 13622 is a definitive sell if we hit that, great short opportunity.
Bình luận:

12355, very likely to hit, safe profit taking.
12774, good chance to hit, above try to trade with only remaining 30-40% if you aim for higher tp.
13165, getting risky here for holding larger long.
13646, bull is strong, but also very likely to retrace here, ideal profit taking and spot to open a short.
Bình luận: Nearing our 38.2% fib!
Bình luận: Bounce time! Short closing here!
Bình luận: We hit our 29.5% support angle! It's very possible we bottom here.
Giao dịch bắt đầu: Looks like we could be aiming for 10600 on 1.236 vertical time retracement.
Bình luận: TP1 9750 / TP 2 10600
Bình luận: We finally broke 9k resistance! I think we will find our top at 18 or 23 February
@TheTrex When and IF only price level 9500 level is breached, we can talk about bullish confirmation.
Untill then, it's not brakeout.
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TheTrex PRO milanjelic
@milanjelic, We just broke 9000 where we have been fighting against the last few days, this is definitely a outbreak, depends on what scale we are talking. I see it going to 9500-9600 for sure, if we break that again then yes we can see more outbreak towards 10k.
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Inverse Head and Shoulders ?
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i think we may see price will start down again today when close to todays close.. lets see..
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You expect ripple to benefit? or plunge with it?
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TheTrex PRO Childrenofmen
@Childrenofmen, Whole market is following BTC, if BTC dumps other USD pairs will too. If it pumps they all benefit.
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is this

still applicable or do you think it will diverse from this slope?
also is this comparable with the crash in June?

Thanks for your input again it really is great!
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@TheTrex thanks for the chart! Only question, arent Disbelief and Denial two different phases from emotional chart in cycle?
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Fibs and Market Psychology will rule them all..
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TheTrex PRO EirajAmin
@EirajAmin, It's the same story of greed/mania/panic/fear every time over again
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