BTCUSD I don't wanna see it, but bear it is...

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Noob here....which means my ideas are pretty simple...but the KISS method is tried and tested. I haven't seen anyone calling it yet...but a bear flag on the daily?
Hey man.
Thanks for the post, don't worry about being a "noob" you have to publish something to get feedback anyway.
I definitely agree with you, but I think if you want to see some better feedback you should have a stronger post with targets, predictions, and how you came to this conclusion.
also your MACD doesn't support your thesis, so you should also maybe show more examples of other indicators saying we're going down.
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BKM1978 itsrlyryan
@itsrlyryan, Hi mate. Really valid points, very much appreciated. You are dead right, the MACD does contradict me and my argument is perhaps a little weak. Thank you for the feedback man.
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@BKM1978 MACD means nothing :) we saw it many times before, i also guess we go down soon! keep posting, i'm reading :)
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BKM1978 nasredin9c
@nasredin9c, Thanks :)
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good call, ive had my eyes on the bear flag for a while,
the lower volume is what has me bearish
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BKM1978 danielmpowell3
@danielmpowell3, Hey, thanks. yeah the volume is what drew me to it. I hope I am wrong! I was optimistic about punching through 9k...not so much anymore. Thanks for your feedback.
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If you are a noob, ;eave the charting to the experts...
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BKM1978 Germi
@Germi, I'm trying to learn. Thanks for constructive criticism though.
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@Germi,i am sure you are a noob too, you freaked out looking at this chart. lol
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Germi tammy007
@tammy007, LOL.. Yes I am a totally a noob, that's why I keep the charts for myself until I will be confident enough to make them public.. But I am not freaked out... I bought more than 1 year ago so I am good even in this scenario

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