#Bitcoin - We're seeing Cycles Develop! Jan 12th 2018 LOW

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Cycles occur in every aspect of our lives. In financial markets, the study of Cycles is a proven strategy. Cycles in the financial markets track the natural ebb and flow of human emotions and influence. So it naturally stands to reason that repetitive Cycles in the price of Bitcoin             would develop, considering it's probably one of the most diverse and naturally traded markets out there.

In 2017 at least, Bitcoin             has been showing us very consistent and clear 60 day Cycles. The sample size is relatively small, but the consistency is impressive. The chart suggests the next Cycle Low to occur around Jan 12th, and if the parabola has broken here, then a natural 50% bull market retracement would be the type of "blood in the street" event that a bull market would throw us at this point in its evolution.

Stay sharp and nimble, remember that markets never move in one direction all of the time. Even a retracement back to the $5,700 preserves the major bull market trend and allows for sentiment to be reset.
wow... good call, exactly. and something to look for going forward
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Hi Bob, having the dip day was today, 65 days from previous dip, do you have any update on the new prices? would appreciate new chart analysis with projection for the next 120 days.
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It's amazing how this played out. Even the CNBC fake news of Korea ban play the right timing for the cycle low.
Awesome. Looking forward to see if next leg up play out in next couple of days.
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hi Bob, do you have an updated viewpoint considering the new price?
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BobLoukas moments_places
@moments_places, Just published
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@BobLoukas, thanks Bob! Mark Yusko was pretty accurate in calling the top for crypto by using Gann dates. Do you ever use Gann dates in your work?
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Whats this indicator called? The semi-circles?
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@jjbb11, These are "Time Cycles"
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Your chart has the right idea- but just add $4000 to the price at every point in time on your projection. lol.
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BobLoukas josephtse
@josephtse, Read it carefully, it's not a PRICE prediction.
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