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Dear Friends!

D4rkEnergY has finally had 8 hours of sleep tonight! That's the first first time in now 4 months - and that's all I needed to figure out THE ANSWER, you all want to know about.


To answer that question I have taken a look at the Weekly BTCUSD Chart! At this very moment we are at 7,150 USD. We are in a a downtrend descending wedge-pattern, which we have been in since our All TIme High at 20,000 USD. We are getting support from an up trendline , which started back in March 2017, where we also began our 1st Elliott Wave . We are struggling with the EMA50 right above our head.

Firstly I want you to pay attention to the hidden bullish divergence . The price is making higher lows, while the RSI is making lower lows. It means we - in isolation - could expect to continue our journey up at the before mentioned trendline .

We can also see, that the bears slowly are losing momentum. The decrease in height on the volume bars (which now are under the MA20 Volume ) and the MACD histogram confirms that.

BUT... When that is said, we still don't have no real convincing signs or confirmation on a reversal yet. I'm not saying that we cannot go a bit higher, but we will also go down again. We will probably also see a bounce at the double bottom at 6,000 USD, but it will not be enough to send us in an uptrend!

My Ladies and Gentleman, I will now, as the first one, give you THE ANSWER you all have been waiting for:

4,888.7 USD!!

Mark my words, guys! Remember this number. I will now tell you why, we will see a reversal at this point. Literally EVERYTHING is showing us, that this is our target.

1. It will perfectly match with our EW-structure and the ABC (5-3-5 ZIG ZAG )-Correction!
2. It would be equal to a perfect 78,6 Fibonacci Retracement
3. EMA100 is also there
4. In a consolidation-phase when the price is in the middle of the Purple Value Area ( Volume Profile ), we tend to jump between a High Volume Node to a Low Volume Node. As you can see, we are right now on a H.V.N.- and our target is a very short L.V.N.
5. It would also perfectly match with an optimal jump out from the narrow wedge , at that point.

You are welcome, guys!

D4 Loves you <3

Please do ma big favor and give me BIG LIKE - I put a lot of work in making these charts for you. Thanks in advance, my friends :)
Bình luận: See you on "Europa"

Bình luận: Here is THE CHART there will tell you, how we will reach 4,888.7 USD!

Bình luận: Let Me Be Clear - NOBODY is able to come up with such an EXACT NUMBER as:

4,888.7 USD




D4rkEnergY <3

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Great analysis! One thing is for sure. If one would lock up MagicPoopCannon and you in a room, just two things can happen after unlocking it.

1. Only one will be able to leave the room
2. You will marry each other


My prediction is a reversal around 43xx with extremes going down to roughly 37xx, eventually double bottom, happening somewhere around Q2/Q3 2019.

Thanks for your effort!

Phản hồi
What a great analyze. We will see BTC around $4800-5000 in upcoming weeks.
Phản hồi
WHEN!!111! ?
Phản hồi
Bearish Pennant and Bear Flag... Everything points to DOWNSIDE!
+1 Phản hồi
+1 Phản hồi
Such a confident prediction has a chance of passing Europa and landing on Puck...
(google it)
Perhaps you could have another 8 hours sleep and also suggest a time for the bottom event?

Much appreciated
+2 Phản hồi
@D4rkEnergY thank you. Quick question, why do you use EMA instead of MA? Obviously they provide greatly different levels. Thank you :-)
+2 Phản hồi
Lets see what he wrote here:

What a master prediction.
+15 Phản hồi
first it was a guarantee of $15,000 ELLIOT WAVE USELESS TOOL, every day a new target
+4 Phản hồi
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